UK car show canceled for 2010

Just saw this in the Daily Mail.

The UK car show has never been canceled in 100 years (except during the two world wars. Just like this is/will be the worst economy in 100 years.

I bit of an overreaction! You’d expect car dealers to be pre-empting the recovery.
Unless they can’t see one in the next two years!

It has been struggling to stay afloat for the last few years. The move to London from the NEC was an attempt to drive up attendance and try to draw in |(or more accurately lure back) more auto manufacturers. Major motor shows are all about new car launches and no one (bar JLR) has launched anything in the British Motor Show over the past few years.

True. It’s one of the first things to cut back when you’re the like of GM. Geneva and Paris, maybe Turin hold the key launches in Europe. Rather than it’s a sign we’re all knackered back into the 1800s, it’s mood music for lobbyists to walk into Government departments cap in hand with some (supposed) semblance of dignity.