UK General Election 12 Dec 19 - Bonking Boris etc


A look back at the 2017 results. It was very close between Tories and Labour on the popular vote. The map is interesting. My only prediction at this stage is that the Lib Dems regain their lost seats in the South west of England. It’s an unorthodox place.


Id guess both lib dems and brexit party will begin to shed support closer to polling day.

Remainers will gravitate towards Labour and Brexiteers (and the middle ground Brexit-fatigued) will gravitate towards the Tories.

Johnsons deal is as good as it gets for everyone in these islands bar the DUP.


The Pan Unionist front is alive and well, as UUP leader “listened respectfully” to advice (and threats)


Its a very difficult election to predict but I also believe that this is a likely outcome. Johnson can seem to say any old contradictory nonsense and get away with it. Corbyn looks like the wrong man at the wrong time. There is a sporting chance that the DUP may still hold the balance of power at the end of this and if that happens Boris’s deal will die.


Corbyn first became an MP in the 1983 election in which Labour, under Michael Foot, were destroyed by the incumbent Tories. A poll which asked why people wouldn’t vote for Labour said:

  1. Too divided
  2. Too extreme
  3. Lack of leadership

History repeating itself?


It’s difficult to believe now, but Michael Foot was a compromise candidate, elected to prevent a full blown hard left takeover by Tony Benn.


10 o’clock news on BBC was quite funny

  • Priti Patel repeatedly refused to say whether she wanted migration to go up or down. Only repeatedly saying she wanted “control”
  • Corbyn likewise refused to say whether he wanted less or more migration but enthusiastically brought up “family reunification”
  • the vox pop in the North East had to acknowledge migration was causing pressure
  • Laura Kuensberg attacked Labour’s nationalisation plans (shes a Tory stooge)

I know Farage looks down and out but the establishment are so out of touch on migration that you couldnt write him off.


It looks like the various election campaigns don’t plan to do much interacting with actual real people. Last week Boris Johnson launched the Tory campaign to tumultuous crowds in the Birmingham NEC, with giant screens magnifying his face for those who couldn’t get close enough for a good look…

In reality it was a small bunch of invited party faithful jammed into a corner of a giant hangar … and about 150 of the already diminutive crowd were journalists.


This morning Bojo is at it again. He’s on a campaign bus tour of the north west, but on arrival he’s ventured no further than the side of the bus. And he’s carefully donutted by a handful of selected placard-wielding fans, including his fellow bus passengers. I think I recognise some of them from the Birmingham photo…

They get a time slot for live TV coverage, so I can see why they wouldn’t want to waste it on random interactions with the public. But the carefully crafted campaign messages being toted by handpicked party zealots just comes across as tacky and unreal.


Ah, you think so too? She seems to me to never knowingly dislike a Tory policy no matter how ill-thought.


Priti Patel strikes me as a flaming psychopath. I’m instituting a regular feature I call “Priti Crazy”


“Priti Crazy” 1
She has something I hadn’t seen labelled before - smirking resting face


Ah here, let’s get the terminology right. It has to be either Resting Smirk Face or Smirky Resting Face to match the convention.

I’ve also noticed that she has Walking Grin Face whenever she’s on walkabout with Bojo. Sometimes she seems a bit besotted. I agree about the psychopathy. But then, they’re two-a-penny in the victorious wing of the Tory party. Michael Gove, anybody?


You don’t have to be a Tory stooge to realise that the current Labour leadership are stark raving bonkers.


No, but long before the bonkers, Ms Kuensberg has been quite bullish on Brexit.


Immigration and control over borders is a key issue in the General election, as it is with Brexit.

Contrast the coverage throughout this UK General election campaign where the parties will outdo each other to show they take border control seriously with the clusterfuck in Ireland of politicians falling over themselves to innocently virtue signal to an increasingly incredulous electorate via RTE and the redacted media.

Yes the British went forth and tried to colonise the world. But they’ve had enough of it already.


Well, sort of. The Tories won’t really do anything about migration. They make noises about it. But won’t commit to really reducing it. Most of Labour are a sad case. Much like Sinn Féin in Ireland. Both see being pro migration as a cornerstone of modernity. Someone like Len McCkuskey is a lot more sensible.


Len McCluskey eventually has to come out as a Union boss and admit what immigration is doing to wages. But the progressive left cannot get enough of open borders so Labour appease them.

On the other hand you have the Director General of the CBI on calling for increased migration at all levels including unskilled migration, which the Tories are saying they will put a stop to.

The electorate of course are being played like a fiddle by both ‘sides’, but that is why Farage and Brexit is so popular for millions across the midlands and north.


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