UK General Election 12 Dec 19 - Bonking Boris etc


I’m wondering if theres any connection between Prince Andrews ‘shame’ and other incidents and individuals.

Boris is reputed to have attended ‘bung-bunga’ parties in Italy with Russian businessmen when he was foreign secretary, leading security services to question his reliability.

I wonder, should a photo of Andrew (a known shagger) appear with Boris in the background would this be the nail in his coffin? He’d be thrown overboard for being ‘shameless’ rather than being a Russian stooge…




In the 2015 election the Telegraph would find the most unflattering picture of Milliband gurning and put it in the next days paper. They’re repeating the tactic with Corbyn.

They’re so shameless. It’s sort of wondrous.


To be fair, the circulation of that rag has fallen so much since 2015, not even those in rural Lincolnshire would see it.

The election picture appears clear following the collapse of the brexit company. Farage is either in hiding or slumped on a pub floor somewhere


From a few days ago but interesting nontheless. Labour just ahead in London and the North and nowhere else.

Conservatives out polling Labour by a large margin in Scotland also.

One chink of light for Corbyn is popularity with the kids. Just not enough of them vote.


Ah, the savage cut and thrust of electoral politics. Not. The Herald Scotland said last night’s BBC leaders debate “was like two aged sheep jostling for position at the feed trough”.


“Twas like being savaged by a dead(beat) sheep” - Feed Trough


Latest polls talk about 28 seat majority for Boris.

So final prediction: Can’t see it being less than 30 majority for the Tories. It could be 50. Big push on to validate the 2016 Brexit vote and see some movement towards leaving the EU. Basically 2015 election night will seem like the Teddy bears picnic compared to tomorrow night for Labour and the Lib Dems.

Which would mean the Tories are returned to office 4 times this decade. Neither Thatcher or Blair managed to hang on long enough to do that.


I’m heading to the polls later this evening so I’ll rant then.

I am hearing though that turnout amongst the young is noticably higher than before even at this early stage.

That favours Labour.

Bad flu taking hold here atm too. NHS front and central in peoples minds and not just as an electoral issue.

Theres a big moron contingent mouthing about voting Tory but I’m gonna reserve judgement.

This is up in the air and I still think Lab/Lib/SNP could edge it.

Edit - heres some reports from London - big, big queues to vote and not many of em look over 40…


Most interesting story of the election may come from Bolsover. A seat totally synonymous with the ‘Beast of Bolsover’ 87 year old :flushed: Dennis Skinner who has held the seat since he was first elected in June 1970.

Oddschecker have it at 13/8 on to go Tory. Because Brexit didn’t get done.


oh and Conservative majority is 1/2 on and hung parliament is 9/4 if you want to get in before the bell


If nothing else, such election campaigns show that the British electorate are even dumber than our voters.
Tories to fall short and a hung parliament. Will be interesting to see if any tactical voting successfully nobbles any Tory big wigs.


Hopefully the empty talking head Rabb will Lose badly. Plus that turd Ian Duncan Smith


Exit poll shows strong majority for Tories. SNP to take an additional 20 seats in Scotland. Everyone else more or less unchanged except Labour who get hammered – worst performance since Michael Foot in 1983 (which happens to be when Corbyn first got elected).


Exit poll giving 368 tory seats. Seems slightly high with a high turnout
Another year of Boris. Mogg can crawl out from under his rock again.


Correction: would be the worst Labour performance since 1935, with a loss of 71 seats. John McDonnell blames it on Brexit frustration. BBC blaming it on Labour leadership.


Ruth Davidson may have to make good on her promise to swim naked in Loch Ness if the SNP get over 50 seats.


If that doesn’t flush out the monster, nothing will