UK General Election 12 Dec 19 - Bonking Boris etc




Maybe once but certainly not twice. Fight enough wars and you will be on the right side at least once.


Which of Napoleon and Hitler are you exonerating?


Was Napoleon any worse that the British Empire in the 19th century?? One empire against another battling out for supremacy. Both were fairly hot on slavery with additional famines kindly bestowed on the British colonies due to indifference . Glad they ‘saved’ us from all that .


The slave trade was banned by Britain ten years before Waterloo. And it wasn’t one empire against another – the Brits were allied with the Germans, Russians, and Dutch.


And some would say that Brexit is but the latest British stand against the Napoleonic tendencies of some of our continental cousins.

In common with many Id say we were grand at economic cooperation/union


Id note your definition of slave trade, slavery didn’t stop the enslavement of millions until the 1830s/1840s when the British undertook one of the largest bail outs in history - to slave owners.

Not much point introducing a Slavery Abolition act in 1833 if there were no slaves



That poll says that the biggest reason that people abandoned Labour is that they disliked Corbyn… but offers no reason as to why that may have been the case.

The current narrative appears to be that he leaned too heavily to the left and hence this turned people off. However, this narrative doesnt really make sense given the fact that Corbyns policies of 2019 are no different to Corbyns policies of 2017.

Further, the notion that people who voted all their lives for Denis Skinner or supported Arthur Scargill, chose in 2019 to vote Tory because Jeremy Corbyn was too much of a leftie, is preposterous.

The greater likelihood is that people disliked the manner in which an urban cosmopolitan minority sought to undermine the democratic outcome of the Brexit vote.

Further, Corbyn and his followers’ wholesale adoption of ‘wokeness’ to include said dogma’s quite open hatred of the working class across western societies is likely what caused him to be so disliked by many who would otherwise share his politics when applied to economic matters.

As per this article the left really does need to decide what it stands for before it becomes permanently obsolete.



Theres some interesting parallels with what the Far Left are spending their time on in Ireland


Having read Charles Taylor

He cites what the Catholic Church did in France. It grew a bit but ensured its collapse with men because it associated itself with a feminine sort of po-faced piety:

  • campaigned against male pursuits as ungodly like drinking, blood sports, carousing generally
  • excessive focus on what men considered private, like masturbation and sex life
  • there was no outlet for strong martial Christianity of physically fighting against the enemies of Christ, which previously men did was no longer occurring or valued. This outlet is then not available to men to demonstrate their faith.
  • priests dressed in long dress like garb like a woman
  • visiting mission priests became the only ones men would go to confession because they wouldn’t confess private things to their local priests. A lot of their private thoughts were considered sins.

Nowadays the Left has the same sort of po-faced feminised piety. And it isolates normal men. The only men attracted to it are low testerone men, or men getting involved in feminist causes as an unconscious dating tactic to get close to women.

  • the causes are broadly feminist agenda stuff
  • there’s a lot of talk about the future being female and masculinity being inherently bad
  • there’s a lot of feminised focus on managing each others feelings.
  • normal male behaviour becomes criminalised, or at a minimum can cost your job. Language and thoughts get controlled. Male spaces get marginalised.

It’s all a recipe for driving men away from the left - almost as if the oligarchs planned it :thinking:


Thats interesting.

The recent Two Popes movie on Netflix ties in somewhat with this take as it seems to ultimately suggest that the Catholic Church has morphed from being a conservative organisation a la the likes of Bemedict, into a full on SJW outfit under the current guy. The last few minutes of the movie appears to suggest that the Catholic Church’s primary function is now to promote the dismantling of borders the world over.

Trocaire even turned up at a recent anti free speech protest outside the Dail, standing on the picket alongside the likes of WSM, Anti Fa, Saoradh, Ogra Sinn Fein and the sex workers alliance, basically a whos who of the local globalist loons. Little did we know that our Trocaire boxes would be funding the ground work being laid for the introduction of a latter day Section 31. That SF and others are also there really beggars belief.

Is there anyone left out there who might be capable of representing the interests the working man …or are we going to have to suffer our own version of UKIP type madness in due course?


The Catholic Church under the current guy is moving towards what you see in a lot of American Christianity

It’s a very feminised and feminist view of Christianity - it’s exclusively about inclusion and feelings and love and teaching and Unitarianism and human flourishing



When did it become illegal to build model railways and grow giant vegetables? :rage:


However, compared to American Christianity he has the problem that the Catholic Church has been very good at writing down what it believes for the last two thousand years, and in its self-definition it measures its own authenticity by reference to those documents. That’s a considerable bind for revisionists.

The man in the pew (or, increasingly, the man not in the pew who feels it is still his god-given right to dictate what the church ought to teach), and even the scandal-ridden hierarchy, may increasingly not know or care what is in the defining documents. They might actually be so uneducated as to agree with the Irish Times religious affairs correspondent who felt able to write that:

Irish Catholics remain faithful, generous and compassionate, despite all. It is because of such compassion they voted so overwhelmingly for same-sex marriage in 2015 and to remove the Eighth Amendment last May.

The problem is there’ll always be someone who knows where to look to authoritatively dispute such nonsense. Even if you burned down every theology library that had dusty copies of Roberts and Schaff’s thirty-eight volumes of the church fathers, even if nobody could afford the €5,000 price tag for a new printed set, the whole thing is available free online. Deriving from Scripture and from these authoritative writings come innumerable other church writings and two definitive catechisms, also available online (including the Latin editio typica which has been efficient in stopping translators into other languages dicking around with the content). The church’s own definition of divine revelation rules out that it is merely “what the pope and/or bishops say on any given day”. No matter if 99% of nominal Catholics prefer the therapeutic deism horsepucky, they’re ultimately kinda stuck in this bind (whether they know it or not).


Well “faithful, generous and compassionate” sums up the Global MTD faith’s self perception.

But A church that’s completely at odds with its members is in deep trouble.

You saw in the Abortion and Marriage referenda - young people believed there actually was nothing to discuss or consider. It was a self evident decision for them.

The church fathers are like the slave owning people who set up the USA. They’re wrong on today’s hot topics - marriage, reproductive rights, and the next step euthanasia. So they have much reduced influence.


Ah, but is it? On the important issues you have the example of the annual Christmas concert direct from the Vatican. At 01:44:25 the people, priests and bishops fold their hands over their hearts and are led in a heart-warming prayer to the mother Earth. Roughly translated it says the mother earth, Hicha Gueia, is everything. She gives us food, sacred water, and drugs. We pay homage to her, and present her with the placenta, and the first cuttings of the hair. (For some reason the lady translating from Spanish to Italian leaves out the placenta bit :whistle: ).

Who needs Church Fathers when you’ve got the Earth Mother?

… and who needs Christmas carols when you’ve got Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on the pan pipes.


Sounds like the Resting Smirk Face disappears “priti quick” when she deals with subordinates. Yet more allegations of workplace bullying emerging tonight. So far we’ve got permanent secretary of the Home Office, Sir Philip Rutnam, taking her to the employment tribunal. We’ve got an aide working for the Department of Work and Pensions who was allegedly driven to attempt suicide. And now there is a new case from her time as Secretary of State for International Development. Apparently Patel was fond of telling staff they were “fucking useless”. BBC Newsnight tonight cites a source who said she needs to avoid the employment tribunal as it will involve legal disclosures where it’s claimed there’ll be numerous additional complainants queuing up to spill the beans.


It’s fascinating to read today’s coverage of Cummings’ demise in today’s Telegraph and look at Newsnight recently. Reading between the lines it seems to be a sort of feminist counter insurgency.

Cummings etc were like star Investment Bankers who (from the female perspective) get to shout down & humiliate female subordinates or (from the male perspective) get things done without paying attention to emotions. Now that’s getting swept away. Cummings sees himself as a Counter Insurgent but he just got completely outmanoeuvred.

I mean, how well can you claim to know Boris and not know that he thinks with his dick ? They were briefing against his baby mama Carrie.