UK House price to soar by 16% Daily Express 30/05/11


I thought fracking wasn’t welcome in the UK. I think it was Lancashire that just refused licenses to an exploration company.
And of course there is the price of oil forecast to stay low for several years to come.


I wish … fracking is being fast-tracked by the Tories. Plans are afoot to bypass local councils and just get on with it in the most populous parts of England, Scotland and the UK, even though there is massive opposition to it. The second round of licensing is due to come up very shortly - take a look at this … all the orange areas are to be included in the next round of fracking licencing - it’s basically everywhere:

You can get the fully skinny on it here. Britain - especially England - is becoming a frightening place.


There is a real fear that there could be a fuel crisis in the UK within the next decade, it was only two years ago that the gas storage hit zero and they had to bring in LPG to avoid the first stages of rationing.

If the Russian gas is ever disrupted then frack or freeze will the on the menu.


Florida in 2007 had a market based almost solely on investors.
I forget the numbers but the majority of buyers were investors and we all know how that ended.


Recent UK budget was supposed to drastically change Interest Tax relief to deter BTLers? … mit-budget


Anecdote alert further update: so anyway, we went sale agreed for full asking price just this Tuesday, so from first going on the estate agents website to sale agreed in less than a week. There was no shortage of viewers either, all investors as I mentioned. Obviously it’s great for us as we’re leaving the country but this definitely feels like the peaking of a bubble to me … 2007 in Dublin all over again?


Foreign criminals 'driving up UK house prices’

As a matter of interest, is it not up to the conveyancing solicitor to conduct AML procedures ?



But… but Tom Parlon says we should take the lead from UK lending policies when reviewing our own.

#350 … -lose.html

if you thought the Irish 75% interest deduction for rental properties was bad


if you buy shares in an established listed company (especially one with large fixed assets) the company will usually have a significant debt pile which is 100% deductible - so you are benefiting from leverage and the tax treatment of interest -as long as you don’t do it twice. Ditto for a typical small business.

Surprised how the comments in the Torygraph are generally supportive of the move


one of my uncles ( retired guard who lives in dublin ) bought forty acres of farm land in meath in 1986 for forty thousand pounds , he sold the same land for 18 k per acre in june 2006 ( just regular farmland ) , he bought an apartment near hyde park with the money as one of his daughters was working in london at the time , he never rented it to anyone

how much has residential in london increased since 2006 , my guess is a 100% increase

he is currently trying to sell the apartment


I think you meant to say “my favourite uncle” :slight_smile:


i hate all my uncles , il hate him more when he sells the place in hyde park :stuck_out_tongue:


The Open University on why the UK government wants house prices to go up … similar perverse incentives to Ireland:


Today’s headline:



That’s how you read the Express, right?



Article on today torygraph predicts an enormous fall in prices in the uk … ravel.html

Not the 600 comments below, 99 percent of whom are in complete denial. The government and the banks won’t let prices fall apparently!


Meanwhile back in good ole ireland …keep calm and buy property …the ecb will be on emergency low for the next 30yrs… :smiley: