UK mortgage market by numbers

April 22, 2008

UK mortgage market by numbers
136 houses repossessed today … 3m people to remortgage this year …
Rebecca O’Connor
3 million - Total number of borrowers expected to remortgage this year

728,650 - Borrowers coming to the end of a two-year fixed-rate deal this year

4,000 - Number of fixed-rate deals that will end today

30 - 50 per cent - Rise in monthly remortgage repayments this year

30 per cent - Drop in number of home loans so far this year

50,000 - Number of repossessions expected this year

75,500 - Number of repossessions in 1991

21 per cent - Increase in number of repossessions between 2006 and 2007

136 - number of properties that will be repossessed today

1 in 3 - Number of homeowners who have a mortgage worth more than three times their average salary

3.16 - Average mortgage multiple compared with a borrower’s income in 2008

2.26 - Average mortgage multiple compared with a borrower’s income in 1991

6.04 per cent - Average best-buy two-year fixed-rate deal, compared with 5.12 per cent in 2006

6.21 per cent - Average best-buy two-year tracker, compared with 5.07 per cent in 2006

£185,616 - Average UK house price, according to the Land Registry

£1,200 - Monthly repayments for an average house on an average two-year best-buy deal

721 - Number of mortgages that have been withdrawn from the market in the past two weeks

0 - Number of 100 per cent mortgage deals on the market. Four lenders still offered them two weeks ago

6,600 - Number of debt problems that the Citizens Advice Bureau will deal with today

£1 million - Increase in UK debt every five minutes

£25,945 - Average level of debt of someone taking out a credit management plan, on an average yearly income of £23,444

Source: CML, Credit Action,, Chiltern Group

Why is there no honest reporting of the Market in Ireland the same way there is in the UK?