(UK) Scandal of luring first-time buyers

Great piece in today’s Times. Could equally apply to most of the Irish commentators we hear calling for “help” for the FTBs (in order words, help for themselves by propping up the pyramid scheme)

From the comments

Whats the chances or any Irish paper printing something like this?


Edit: in fairness, McWilliams and a few others have been telling it like it is for a while but I still broadly stand over the above.

The heading on the piece is

ARW. I think that many months ago you read those sentiments on the Pin. It is nice to see that any typeface with “morals” in it, is beginning to become type of acceptable :wink:

Is it a matter of time before the responsibility of how the public spend their own money is taken out of their hands completely. Imagine a situation where your PAYE cheque not only hemorrhages taxes but a compulsory asset bubble contribution is deducted also.