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Shoppers could face VAT on food

This could be very interesting. How would it affect the cross-border grocery trade? How would it affect Irish food imports to Britain? Do any other EU countries currently impose VAT on food? Would the Irish Govt follow suit and impose VAT on food here?

As far as I remember France has a reduced rate of VAT on food and drink.

Why is the solution to raise taxes?

God forbid that they might shrink the fucking government tumour.

VAT on food! Riots is what’s likely!

day by day going off grid gets more and more interesting.

Right, cause the bag of spuds that used to cost £5 is now going to cost £5.87?

Any chance they may only hit foods with a (relatively) high fat rate and claim its all part of their ‘war-on-obesity’ ?

Fat doesn’t make you FAT! The ONLY way you can get fat is by consuming excess calories.

Jesus, I’m sick of telling people this. I’m not saying that to you Mr.Anderson, it’s just that it is something the government would do because most people don’t know any better.


Not arguing with you.
But I’m trying to deduce ways the government can bring in a new tax and wrap it up as a health benefit (like all the green taxes are for our own good :unamused: ).

I would think that such a tax would be political suicide, so you gotta wonder about the origins of this ‘leak’…

I know you’re not, I wasn’t directing the post at you and I agree entirely it would be spun as a “Health” tax. However, taxing food… not sure even FF would have the balls to try that.