UK: "The era of the amateur landlord has all but ended&



This is not necessarily a good thing in the short term.

when you look back at those shows such as location, location, location relocation, relocation and property ladder you would’nt be suprised this has occurred- it was as if you could’nt lose on buying a property, doing it up and renting it out, only problem was everybody else was thinking of the same idea! So what are Sarah Beeney, Kirsty Allsop and the other guy(can’t remember his name) saying about the property market, after all they’re shows played a part on inflating the market as it was presented as if anyne could become a property developer…

Lots of idiots on those shows who made money purely by virtue of buying and later selling into a rising market.

In a flat or declining market we would get to see the real value of their mostly half brained “developments”, rather than merely capturing the rise in the overall market.

“So Sharon, you bought the townhouse for 320k and you’ve spent 50k and a year of your life “developing” it. Now the EA values the property at … 300k.” Well done yerself. :wink: