UK: Up to 15 major retail chains to go bust … 375478.ece
(Courtesy Calculated Risk)

does this guy have a crystal ball or what!

I wonder which irish retailers are just plodding through christmas before collapsing in Jan. anyone care to make a
few guesses? Interesting that ireland seems to have had less casualties than britian in the comeup to the new year.
Perhaps this is due to the leneincy of our banking system!

I’d be selling Dunnes Stores before this quarter’s results are drawn up although they are a private company and can cook the books a bit better than PLCs.

bye bye UK high street

Sasha is already in examinership and Hardly Normal have publicised the woes of their Irish operation. That’s two possibles for you.

Grocery is actually performing quite well. The problem is that homewares/drapery isn’t. Have this on record.

As for retail stores who are in trouble? There are plenty of British based retailers who will be folding. Land of Leather is just waiting to be put out of its misery. JJB Sport is another retailer with huge debt who I can’t see coming through this.

Debenhams must now also be looking over their shoulder. Margins are getting gubbed and they have huge debt to pay off.


Add in anyone that was LBO’d.

Happy Christmas: … ation-jobs

Its very scary seeing how many gift related retailers are going to the wall just before Christmas! this should be their peak time!

I think that Zavvi was tipped over the edge by Woolworths. Woolworths had a successful DVD and CD distribution business and the were a big supplier to Zavvi.

this is what worries me most out of all the bad news coming in at the minute. for a business that sells what is probably the most common christmas present (cd, dvd, game) to go into administration on christmas eve is truly shocking.

I don’t think I’ve bought a CD/DVD/computer game in 10 years.

I think the last one was a Cassius 99 CD.

yeah me neither but i also definitely don’t illegally download them from the interwebs either. :nin

I heard from someone who knows the company well and has friends within headquarters that Debenhams had a good quarter and they managed to move stock well.

Mrs YM noticed today that Doones have almost no stock in their Tullamore branch - no new season stock. Anyone else noticed this? (So we can construct a conspiracy theory around it!).

just probably a larger version of what most boutiques are doing at the moment.
Putting everything out on sale rails and trying to get the last of the old stock out the door.
I was in a men’s clothing shop last week and there wasn’t anything worth buying and I know of the owner of one boutique who is just trying to get the few stubborn stock items out the door acknowledging that they wouldn’t have anything on their rails that they’d themselves buy if they were a customer.
If it lasts in to the first week of February then there is an issue, don’t expect restocked shelves today 4/1/9

My missus said the same about the Athlone branch as well!!

Annual Stocktaking?

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