Ulster Bank lost 20% of deposits during crash

independent.ie/business/iris … 04308.html

4 billion outflow.
20% of deposits.
One of the largest banks in the Country.

Is that all the money they had available to them.
Supposedly for every gullible fool there should have been a shark making a killing out of this bubble and saving their gains.
Where were they putting it if not in the bank? Up their noses?
Did anyone make clean getaway from the disaster?

A lot of scumbag politicians escaped with golden handshakes and nice pensions.

put into other banks with unlimited guarantees from a AAA rated Government :unamused:

Including Irish Nationwide. Fingers Jnr was bragging about it in London


Cheapest bailout in the world and this turd is still able to make a shilling

To be quite frank, I’m surprised it wasn’t more.
Any figures released from AIB or BOI ?