Ulster Bank plans 1,000 home repossessions per year

Ulster Bank plans 1,000 home repossessions per year once loophole is closed

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What percentage of the mortgage market did UB have between 2004 and 2008.

2.76 per day.

Does this help?

“Almost 38,000 first-time buyers who borrowed to buy homes during the peak years of the boom have yet to receive full mortgage-interest tax relief almost a year after the benefit was introduced due to the computer problems at Ulster Bank last summer…The Government introduced a 30 per cent mortgage-interest relief rate in the budget last December. It is aimed at first-time buyers who had borrowed to buy homes between the start of 2004 and the end of 2008.”

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Hardly Spain, is it?

The comments, I believe, convey some common beliefs.
breakingnews.ie/ireland/ulst … 86743.html

interesting to see that this kind of advice is circulating:

UlsterBank was saved by the Irish people? Wha’?

exactly, not covered by guarantee. the troika did say the there is an effective mortgage payment strike in ireland. looks like many in arrears feel they shouldn’t have to pay their original terms…but of course the folks that are still just managing to pay in full can continue to.

UB are part of the RBS group, the British taxpayer got stung for that particular bailout. There is a £4 billion lawsuit against Fred the shred Goodwin by shareholders.


I wonder if anyone does take this advice seriously? Classic stupid man’s idea of something intelligent sounding.

Fixed that there!

Was already planning to move accounts to UB to take advantage of free fees (wife’s BOI account has been charged fees in spite of hitting the right buttons to get free banking… sure we’ll get the money back but they never pay the invoices I send them for the administrative costs of chasing them).

Can now drape a cover of moral-certitude over it and support the bank for its stance on repossessions.

Partitionist! :smiley:

Remember the systems meltdown they had last year? By business banks with UB, it was a massive pain in the arse. Then there was the recently reported cockup with failing to switch FirstActive mortgage customers to proper rates.

Doesn’t inspire confidence.

Sure, but is there not a better non-Irish option?

If they’re 'fessing-up to 1,000…

They seem to all be cutting and running. NIB is basically gone. UB can’t keep its computers running. Halifax is gone. No-one else foreign operating here for day-to-day business banking is there?

I heard Barclays are lending, but obviously for commercial scale

NIB is gone, it is now called Dankse Bank.
What their intentions are, I do not know, but they do not seem to be ruining for the exit.