Ulsterbank IT Meltdown - June 2012

I noticed it yesterday. still seems to be ongoing. Some major problems?

Hardly a glitch :unamused:

While I’m sure it will inconvenience many, the hysterical media reaction to this is something to behold. Joan Burton has just been on the airwaves attacking the Ulster Bank and telling us how Welfare recipients and pensioners spend every last cent of their payments and how they will all starve to death if this isn’t sorted out pronto (or words to that effect!) Newstalk have even had a pensioner talking about the three potatoes he has left in the world! The famine ships await and it’s all down to the Ulster Bank!

(I’m sure the Department of Social Protection *never, ever *experience such IT glitches or delays!)

I wasn’t paid my fortnightly wages yesterday due to this. No sign today either.

Doesn’t really bother me to be honest. Though it would have been nice if my office sent around a notice saying some staff may be affected but sure that’d involve effort…

Its a very odd glitch. One day off. Seems like a quick fix to me. It sounds like the work of a laid off engineer who left something behind for that day when they didn’t log in… I saw something like this happen at a well known investment bank.

It’s effecting NatWest in the UK too, so not likely a Paddy balls-up.

the RBS mothership is similarly affected

telegraph.co.uk/finance/pers … d-day.html
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Paddy balls up. Love it. :laughing:

My wages were supposed to be in on Wednesday and appeared on Thursday. Direct debits haven’t happened yet though.

Initially it was a 24 hour delay on lodgements. Now it’s a 48 hour delay. It seems to have snowballed a bit. My wife hasn’t seen her wages yet as they were due in yesterday.

Teenage CICS?

:laughing: :laughing:
I think CICS is more middle-aged by now. Mid-life crisis?

Nice one yoga 8)

Can’t wait for the scandal to come out that they have a job running somewhere that keeps changing the date/time for direct deposits to validate. Actually they will never admit to that as its too embarrassing.

You have to consider the politics. RBS is essentially the only competitor for the Pillock Banks, otherwise known as the Pillar Banks (and referred to by the state owned broadcaster as such), in this country - RBS’s difficulty is the Pillock Banks’ opportunity. Consider that a similar shut down for BOI in December 2010 was barely mentioned in despatches in the Oirish meeja.

What annoys me even more is the parochial manner in which the Oirish media are reporting on this.

As to the cause, my guess is RBS skimped on systems in the Goodwin years.

Or that they loaded their drachma/punt/peseta tables and accidentally took the euro out… the result being that so many accounts were corrupted that they had to scrap the whole run :smiley:

i think this will be the first of many glitches in the matrix as banks start to implode. You have been warned!!

Did they hire slave-terns in the IT Dept ?

From the Sunday Business Post.

And a link to the story in the Independent (UK).

I smell bullshit. Does anyone really think that they didn’t have a roll back position before tinkering with the software? Not likely.

Being discussed (as dumbed down as possible) on Joe Duffy now.

I love your optimism that they had a backup prepared if all went wrong.

Have to say Jackal is right. They probably have backup procedures in place but sometimes the jobs don’t run, or only parts of the system are backed up, or part of the new update can’t be rolled back and made the backed up data incompatible with the altered system. Honestly enterprise level software has become so convoluted and abstracted that you just don’t know what might happen when you make a substantial change. I want to go back to paper. And quills. Feathers are pretty.


Even with a backup, you want to be pretty sure that you can roll it back in. A restore on a CICS system is not for the faint-hearted. While you think you can correct the problem, you’re better off writing a specific corrector program as the restore is likely to:
a) take a good while
b) introduce other issues with missed transactions

It’s particularly difficult if you have incrementally corrupted your system - put in an update over the weekend that takes up to thursday to show up and you are pretty much stuffed.