Unadvertised HSE jobs filled by relatives of staff

Hiring emergency workers to staff the Back to School Clothing and Footwear scheme. I guess the start of the school year really took them by surprise.

Nepotism is the bane of a number of ITs and councils out west (probably other departments too but just going by what I know). This is exactly why jobs have to be advertised in the first place and it would be nice to think whomever was responsible for this will get fired.


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I know I know but it’s Monday morning and you can permit me a tiny amount of wishful thinking.

You see I have trouble how someone can be hired into the public service without proper procedure being followed. If it wasn’t then someone is responsible and should be out the door. The fact that that won’t happen even in a case as obvious as this shows the scale of less obvious stuff that will happen without anyone ever hearing of it.

Nothing has changed so, I left school in Cork in the mid 1980’s, went to the RTC and studied CIMA (ICMA then) a job (6 month account payable) came up in the Southern Health Service in the Farm Centre, we all applied ( I would say every trainee accountant in Cork did).

It went to a well known politicans daughter who was studying French and History in UCC, she’s probably still there.

No one in our class got an interview, except one who’s father was a Councillor he did’nt get the job but got one a few months later in the County Council.

This was rife… good to see the ancient art of nepotism is being practised in 2010 XX

Qualifications don’t seem to matter a hoot either. I heard on the radio yesterday maybe 5 people in the department of finance have a degree/masters in finance. Another 3 or 4 in banking a few in social planning. Less than ten accountants (Can’t remember exactly). Out of a workforce of 650. :open_mouth:

You can change the bums in the seats in the Dáil but will it really make any difference you have to wonder some times. Actually I still want FF turfed out.

And once these kids’ feet are in the door at all, their short-term contracts extend, rapidly, to permanent contracts.

Even if they are duds.

This sort of carry on is rife in Spain as well. People join organisations such as Opus Dei, not because they are religious but because they need the contacts to get jobs. It’s less prevalent in the private sector but in the public sector, it is not possible to get a job on qualifications alone.

FYP :wink:

The duds are less likely to ruffle feathers or whistle blow. Speaking of which I heard the new whistle blowing legislation got buried :angry:

We make them Taoisigh

(watch from 4:00 minutes on for anyone thing labour are different in government)

I’m all right Jack - “we do not and cannot accept the principle that incompetence justifies dismissal.”

Do you need to ask? :unamused:

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When I worked in the public service, the daughter of a senior manager was interviewed for promotion while she was out on long term sick leave with a serious (sadly, it turned out to be terminal) illness. She was interviewed at home in her sick bed and got the job. Needless to say, anyone who thought that it wasn’t really fair to give a promotion to a person who wasn’t in a position to do the job was viewed as someone who also liked to kill puppies.