Unauthorised demolition Dublin 8


Owner illegally demolished a semi-d at 18 O’Donovan Road, Dublin 8 and left it looking like this.
[**'MY NEIGHBOUR DEMOLISHED HIS WHOLE HOUSE WHILE MY SEMI-D WAS STILL ATTACHED’* * (https://extra.ie/2018/09/30/news/real-life/dublin-house-demoloiton-neighbour-south-circular-road)
‘I’m in complete disbelief with the planning enforcement in DCC. He’s in serious breach and they’re doing nothing.’

Neighbours are having protests outside


Yikes! I used to live next street over


Legally, can one *ever *demolish a semi-D or end-of-terrace in Ireland?

It seems like a rather extreme extension of someone else’s property rights over yours.

I’ve seen it done in other countries. With much colder climates too.


I see no reason why not (assuming sufficient safety).

Pop the address into the ‘Location’ to see the planning.



It doesn’t look ike this developer is big into the planning side of things


More likely the demolition crew misunderstood the order, and thought the whole building was to come down.
English was probably not their first language.


Did you read the story in that paper? Does it read like this was a miscommunication!
This is Ireland after all


I don’t understand how a QS could think it was a good, profitable, technically feasible idea (leaving aside the moral/legal aspects)


Money has been known to be an influence in the past