Under the counter payment sought by EA


Then you would be conspiring to defraud both the bank and the taxpayer, i.e. you would be part of the problem and a drain on society.


Record the conversation by asking him to repeat this “idea”

Reduce your bid by 5,000, if they do not agree you are walking away and playing the recording at nearest Revenue office.


It’s an awfully small amount of money to be risking prosecution and/or buyers walking away for…

In a strong market I have no idea why the EA is participating either.


Some people have a pathological need to feel like they’ve gamed the system.

Like when you put something up for sale on a classifieds website for an incredibly reasonable price and then you have people offering asking - 10% on principle.


You must be one of the few people putting stuff up on classified sites without pre-adding the 10% so you can be bargained down.


Would the Revenue folks bother to follow up on such a report? I have the impression that most people doing the decent thing in this country, i.e., garda whistleblowers, people reporting abuse in nursing homes, etc., etc., are either ignored or bullied.


It’s likely that Revenue would not care about this transaction, save for the slight loss of stamp duty to them of €100 (€10k x 1%). In this case there would not likely be CGT (as the owners are probably in negative equity), so there’s pretty much no loss to Revenue from this action. The bank are the only party who would be interested, as this 10k is effectively being stolen straight out of their pockets if they are the ones recuperating all the proceeds from the sale.

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