Underbidders on house, still sale agreed 5 mths later

We were underbidders on a property and it’s still sale agreed 5 mths later. We since found out due to a coincidence that the buyers were in a chain unlike us. I’ve half expected to get a call from EA but nothing yet. Should I contact EA and tell them we are still interested and ready to go?

Can’t hurt to try.

Defo. EA wants to get paid. Include proof of funds and a written bid with an expiry date.

Five months is not all that long. Could easily be delays on seller’s side. Also, could easily be sold now and not updated on myhome/daft.

All of the above. Call the EA, see what the story is. For example, I am underbidder on a house sale agreed for last 4 months. Have kept in touch with EA, he’s been happy to let me know the difficulties (in a general sense) while also letting me know about other properties he has coming up. Saw one before it hit the market.

Call the EA.

Did I mention calling the EA?

I called the EA of the buyers house that’s sale agreed as we had viewed it also. It’s apparently closing in the next few days and had been touch and go for a while. He said he’ll keep me updated…
My wife is calling the EA of the house we bid on later.