Unemployment jumps by 13,000 - TV3



Whats the headline figure now. BTW, Was at a party in Oz last week talking to a local travel agent. She told me stories about Irish girls coming in to book flights in tears that they were going home having failed in their attempts to get visas extended.

I didn’t know the recession was “technically” over. Must have missed the consecutive quarterly growth figures. 13,000 is a massive jump.
Can’t see it reported elsewhere,certainly not on Pravda.

13,300 according to RTE rte.ie/business/2010/0202/jobless.html

Redundancies Jan 10 up 1.7% compared to Jan 09 :cry:

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More than happy to discuss reforming the social welfare system elsewhere but not here.

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Given that many who went on Jobseeker’s Benefit from last January on will either be moved onto Jobseeker’s Allowance or, if they don’t qualify for JA will simply sign on for credits and still end up on the live register, is there any way to correlate the headline numbers with the actual impact on the Government’s budgetary position?

Is there any data which splits out those who are simply signing on for PRSI credit but who can’t draw down JA or JB?

Those would all be useful statistics. If nothing else, they might give us some idea of the draw in savings that is going to come when large numbers who are on JB move to JA and have to start eating into their savings because the household income is above the limit.

Of course, we’ve no real breakdown on savings either.

I hope the new Central Bank governor will start pulling this sort of information from the banks. Hope is not a strategy…

When does the PRSI fund run out again? Was it March?

There’s that date again. If I was Incan, I’d start looking out for feathered serpents (or is it Mayan?).

Definitely Mayan… the guys who have a thing about 2012 apparently…

Irish Times of October 3, 2009:
[*Updated projections from the Department of Social and Family Affairs indicate the overall surplus will shrink from €3.4 billion last year to €360 million by the end of this year. * (https://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2009/1003/1224255787227.html)
Assuming a linear spend from the fund, and assuming that €3.4Bn was at the end of 2008, then the monthly spend is €250Million.
Assuming that “last year” was end of 2007, then that’s €125Million/month.