Unemployment rises to 14.9%


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April 2015 Live Register

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The standardised unemployment rate (SUR) in April 2015 was 10.0% or 349,500, down -0.0% or -1,800

There were 70,181 casual and part-time workers on the Live Register in April 2015 which represents 20.4% of the total Live Register (was 78,365 in April 2014 or 20.2%)

Live Register Activation Programmes: March 2015 was 89,704
(February 2015 was 87,625 and March 2014 was 85,419)
Persons on activation programmes are not counted as part of the monthly Live Register. If we add the total standardised unemployment rate (SUR) + Live Register Activation Programmes, the broad jobless rate stands at 20.4% (349,500+89,704 per Apr 2015 Live Register / 2,152,500 in Labour Force per QNHS Q4 2014)

If you look at

Table 3 Seasonally Adjusted Standardised Unemployment Rates
Highest unemployment rate was 15.1% Feb 2012.
Now 10.0%, lowest since Jan 2009 when it was 9.5% (per CSO’s statbank)

Table 7 Persons on the Live Register classified by duration of continuous registration
Persons continuously registered for less than one year: was 210,334 or 54.1% in April 2014. Now 185,063 or 53.9% in April 2015
Persons continuously registered for one year or more: was 178,225 or 45.9% in April 2014. Now 158,488 or 46.1% in April 2015

Table 10 Live Register Compositional Analysis
Non-Irish nationals: was 17.9% in April 2012. Now 17.1% in April 2015
Under 25 years: was 16.5% in April 2012. Now 13.3% in April 2015


I’m not sure whether this is good news or not. It could mean that the young unemployed are getting jobs, or just that they’re getting older.


Or emigrating


This has been questioned before. QNHS Q4 2014, the latest set, has the answers. There are now **134,400 less **15-34 year olds in the Labour Force than when the Gov took over in Q2 2011


… also most likely not paying health insurance. :angry:


QNHS Q1 2015 has unemployment at 9.9%

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Also, I hadn’t spotted this

Ireland: Coalition drops 2018 full-employment target

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This is when a wheeze like jobbridge and labour activation really counts. Gets figures under a psychological threshold of double digit unemployment.


Especially when you consider it’s really double that figure

CSO Live Register Mar-15 SUR 350,600
CSO Live Register Mar-15 Activation 85,769

CSO QNHS Q1 2015 Labour Force 2,142,400
Broad Jobless Rate 20.4%


In fairness, that activation no has been stable over the year. It was at 83.5k in Mar 2014. So when there has been an increase in 41k jobs in the year to q1, most of the job creation is genuine.


It was implemented early to give a bump at the time when they need to brag.
They’ll get more kudos for bringing the figure under 10% than the negative press for wasting years of peoples’ lives on ineffective activation schemes.


Finfacts puts an unemployment metric at 19%

finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews … 8844.shtml

Thanks to EU membership and freedom to travel it is easier to emigrate now than it was a generation ago.


May 2015 Live Register

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The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in May 2015 was 9.8% or 209,700, down -0.0% or -300
The seasonally adjusted Live Register figure in May 2015 was 347,100, down -2,600

There were 69,259 casual and part-time workers on the Live Register in May 2015 which represents 20.0% of the total Live Register (was 76,762 in May 2014 or 19.7%)

Live Register Activation Programmes: April 2015 was 88,398
(March 2015 was 89,704 and April 2014 was 85,589)
Persons on activation programmes are not counted as part of the monthly Live Register. If we add the total standardised unemployment rate (SUR) + Live Register Activation Programmes, the broad jobless rate stands at 20.3% (347,100+88,398 per May 2015 Live Register / 2,142,400 in Labour Force per QNHS Q1 2015)


My experience of quite a few people(not all, or even a majority) on activation programs is that they are only on them to maintain their benefits and have no interest in actually joining the workforce.


The new figures show the no of people on the Job Bridge scheme to be 5900 in April, down from 6500 the year before. The often spouted claim that most of the 85k jobs that have been created in the last 2 years is from Job Bridge and the government ‘‘fudging the figures’’ is really a very very silly claim.


Doesn’t match my experience from my visit back to Ireland this week.
People are being pushed on to Tús, gateway and jobbridge schemes left, right and centre.
Yes, it is cynical fudging of numbers but I have heard of certain people refusing schemes because they have grown comfortable collecting their social welfare, having plenty of free time and doing a few nixers to supplement their social welfare.
I know of another who wants to continue in an unofficial child-minding position while in receipt of social welfare and they are being pressured to go on a scheme.
They have three opportunities to take a scheme and then they are kicked off social welfare.

I know of one particular person who was offered more hours rather than the casual arrangement that was in place before and they point blank refused but wouldn’t outline their reasons for refusing. They’re not being supported by a spouse and have no other visible source of income so one can only assume they are in receipt of some combination of social welfare.

I was in the local building where all these schemes are run from when home and it really is a small industry with people employed to hide the people who are unemployed.

There are no jobs in my part of the country. If it weren’t for schemes like these hiding true unemployment levels the government wouldn’t be able to secure any seats in the constituency.


Not JobBridge specifically, but the activation schemes are hiding half the unemployed people. The real unemployment rate is 20%.


The total no. on activation schemes was 88k in May, it was 86k in May 2013. But the QNHS shows employment has increased by 85k in the last 2 years. This can’t be blamed on an increase of people in activation schemes like Job Bridge etc.


88k on activation schemes.


I can understand your objection to activation schemes disguising the true rate of unemployment but I support the principle that those who are unemployed should be subject to activation measures such as interviews, referral to training and work experience, for both their sakes and the sake of the taxpayer this has to be done.

Joan Burton who has faced a lot of flack from the loony left for taking action on activation but I think she has done a good job. People before Profit etc have painted her as too right wing but in fact properly social democratic countries such as Denmark and Sweden have very stick activation requirements. That is one of the reasons they can afford generous welfare systems and the Swedish childcare system the Irish loony left is always banging on about.

All the way through the boom Fás did nothing to address the large numbers who remained on social welfare. Although headline unemployment figures were low, benefits claimant numbers were actually high if you include the very large numbers of people on lone parents’ allowance and disability payments. I for one am glad to see this finally being tackled.