Unemployment rises to 14.9%


November 2019 Live Register

The seasonally adjusted Live Register figure in November 2019 was 186,400, down -2,300 monthly.

This is the lowest rate since Jan 2008 when it was 179,700.


There were 36,526 casual and part-time workers on the Live Register in November 2019 which represents 20.6% of the total Live Register (was 41,759 in November 2018 or 21.3%)

Live Register Activation Programmes:

October 2019 was 47,614. October 2018 was 53,501

Persons on activation programmes are not counted as part of the monthly Live Register.

Figures available go back to Jan 2007. Lowest ever was 37,875 in August 2019; highest was 89,704 in Mar 2015.

Broad Jobless Rate:

If we add the total Live Register rate + Live Register Activation Programmes, the broad jobless rate stands at 9.5%

[186,400 (November 2019) + 47,614 (October 2019)/ 2,454,900 per Labour Force Survey Q3 2019]


I did some analysis of the Activation Schemes


The above chart partially reflects the latter concern. It shows that full-time employment as a share of total working age population has improved from the bottom of the series at the peak of the recession, but the rebound has been largely incomplete.

Similarly (not shown in the chart) the percentage of those in part-time employment as a share of total number of those in employment has remained above pre-crisis levels. Over 1998 through the first half of 2008 (the pre-crisis period), that share averaged 17.5 percent. This rose to above 23 percent in the years of the crisis (2H 2008 - 2013). It remained at around 23 percent through 4Q 2016, and has declined to around 20.3-20.5 percent since then. This too signals that the quality of jobs being added even in the mature stage of the recovery is still lagging the quality of jobs in the pre-crisis period.

Now, imagine what these figures would have been were it not for the MNCs latest tax shenanigans…


The community employment schemes seem to compromise the bulk and it’s not trending down. I’ve met a few people on them over the years and they in general the work seems to be urban cleanup or cutting grass where the council won’t - would not be surprised if councils see it as a way to reduce costs and ‘make work’ for the schemes.


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