Unfinished Houses in Clonskeagh 650k (for 2?)

Is it 650k for two houses they are asking ?
Given that you need to finish all the work yourself including:

Some outstanding works :astonished: to be completed by the new owner will be:
First fix electrics & plumbing onwards
Floors & some internal walls
bathrooms, kitchens

looks like alot of work to me, but if they are offering two of them, even at 325k each - how much is all the above going to cost ? another 100k ? alot more?

doesnt say how much the show house is though,

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/118604

I would be pretty sure the price is per house.

Agree there is a lot of work to be done so the buyers will need a good cash reserve - not that much different to buying an old house that needs a complete upgrade.

They were previously for sale for €995k so the showhouse must have been much more when it went on the market.


They were on sale at 1.4 million 2 years ago. I’ve no link for that but remember it clearly.

It’s 650k each that they are looking for, and have been looking for for several months now. Nice house, decent enough address but realistically it is a fairly busy road, and you are not really close to any amenities. Handy for the mosque though.

The third one seems to be occupied.

Location on the map on the myhome is about a mile away from where the houses are actually located (Directly opposite St Killian’s school on Roebuck rd)

How does this happen so often? Do the EAs not know where the houses they’re selling are located? Do they not care? Or is the interface for entering ads difficult to use?

It amazes me that vendors put up with sloppy ads.

Edit: meant to say too, I pass this place regularly and it now has a big yellow sign on the for sale sign, saying “Reduced to Sell”.
650k for an unfinished house? I don’t think so.

I had a look in, the fence to keep you out is falling over. I don’t know what stage it is at, technically. Bare concrete walls, wires hanging from ceiling, bare joists - is that “first fix”? There’s no stairs yet, afaik.

I have slapped my face HARD and still do not believe they are asking two-thirds of a cool mill for a broken home. Still, according to the ad they only need

  • floors
  • walls
  • bathrooms
  • kitchens
  • an exterior of some sort (presumably to keep the above items from getting wet when it rains).

Did you notice what they did there? See, they’ve already got windows. So that’s actually what they’re really selling, at an estimated price per window, assuming 8 per house, of €80k plus. The rest you bring yourself. This has got to be a new low, even for double-glazing salesmen.

Maybe the EAs are banking on the fact that Luke Fitzgerald is living in one of them that he bought a few months ago.

This is the actual location (take note, EA!)

I remember driving by these over the years on the way to various meetings as they were being built.

I did not realise they needed so much work to complete. From the outside, they look more finished.

625K for the pair would be reasonable. Finishing costs would be 75K each. You could rent them for around 2K a month.

625K each just makes no sense.

If all it will take is 75k and you can get something off that 625 asking, then you are looking at a finished price of 700k for a new detached house in Clonskeagh at 3500 per m²

Hardly outlandish. A much smaller second hand 3-bed terraced house, up the road in Trimbleston is asking 665,000

Was a house demolished on this site? I remember looking at quite a strange house -“Rhonda” - on that road about 12 years ago - but it had huge gardens around it…

About 175,000 each would be the right price, IMO.

The previous houses on the site are still visible at
bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=swhb5c … orm=LMLTCC

The 2 remaining ? Unfinished houses here now have very large DNG " Sale Agreed" signs up, as of today!

According to the register:

01/08/2012 68A Roebuck Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14 Dublin €425,000.00

Someone got a good deal.

Another case where the asking price was prohibitive and I reckon lot of people would have been interested if it went publicly to a €450k asking price.