Unite union recommends rejection of pay deal

They claim the last agreement left them at a loss of 2.5%. I’m self-employed and this year I will - if lucky - earn half of what I earned last year. They aren’t living in the real world.

Good. We can’t afford to pay this deal let’s kill it off quickly and go back to local bargaining.

The greed of Trades Unions is matched only by their stupidity. This is the same Union who recommended No to Lisbon.

Yes lets tackle the nurses in the A&E wards, the primary school teachers with the second highest class sizes in Europe working in rat infested prefabs. Matter of fact lets just blame them for the whole credit crunch, stock market losses, the weather and for appointing Steve Staunton.

On the other hand lets not mention the multi million euro wage packet of bank directors which are being propped up by the state, the millionaires who pay zero tax and a government which has squandered our boom.

Time to look at the bigger picture my friend.

Obviously Max is auditioning for the role of trade union negotiator with Unite by spouting all the self-righteous maxims that have got them this far…

You know I agree with you on the banks, but every politician whose ever taken a brown envelope knows that if you try to impose harsher taxes on the wealthy they simply move out and you get nothing so thats a non starter.

Another thing why is it bad to be wealthy and be in a position to pay people to look after your finances for you? If you stopped to think for one minute you will find that most of the people who are very wealthy probably paid a lot of tax while working to generate their wealth. Most likely paid a lot more than paid by the average joe bloggs in his/her working life time whether directly or indirectly so from the wealth angle you are talking rubbish which is standard union crap.

Now what about the poor nurses in the A&E wards, thats more a security issue than a pay issue I would think especially with their guaranteed pension ( self employed dont have that and they are as entitled as anyone) and the same could be said for the teachers and their guaranteed pension and three months holidays, f*** me. The only good f***ing union is the credit union. :angry:

How about a new tax pyramid type model. 0% tax on all companies/individuals earning over €100k with a tax scale rising to 75% for those on the minimum wage. Would you see that as been an ingredient for national prosperity…betcha I could get country Tom, comical, Brendan O’ connor to join you in a campaign if you were interested!!! :smiley:

Actually, thats not a bad scheme. Tell us more…

It encourages people to get out of poverty!

Yes we could have a race to the top instead of a race to the bottom :stuck_out_tongue:

Max, do you think dell was meeting mary c about what size pay rise was appropriate?

Also, what’s your opinion on ireland’s corporate tax rate?

Exactly and punishes the slackers, thats ingenious now we would have to give allowances for the self employed equal or better than the public service and hse workers to reward them for their endeavours in trying to run a profitable business and bring employment to the communities they live in etc etc.

Ah no hold on a minute, f*** it lets just penalise the crap out of them with union this and union that and the brotherhood of lost socialists who couldnt agree to put up an umbrella in a storm without a ballot,
Would you ever get a life because no matter what the union wants in terms of pay and perks if the monies not there then its the company way or the highway. And believe me half a loaf is better than none when you have nothing and Im speaking from experience.

Dell are going to Poland sooner or later and will probably be followed by several other companies as well. There seems to be a common misconception (as a result of a campaign by the media, banks, government etc) that somehow by getting the less well off to take pay cuts, we will suddenly be able to complete with Poland, India, Morocco etc on wages. The fact of the matter is we never will.

As for corporation tax, I have no problem with the current rate.

So how many times do you accept your loaf getting halved (in the name of sandwich competitiveness of course) before you starve to death?

Well, once it gets down to a certain level it probably becomes more cost-effective for the employer to give you a one-atom crumb of bread rather than buy the costly equipment needed to halve your share again. Happy days!

Unfortunately there are some other conditions to my scheme. Those in the top band can only be politicians, banking/large company directors/CEo’s, senior civil servants and other members of the golden circle. Unfortunately everyone else must work for a standard 3 euro wage due to “competitive pressures” (I’m basing my ideas on those of Desperate Dan at the time of the Irish Ferries dispute)

I have no doubt the thought of being one of the three euro suckers is mouth watering for certain posters on this thread.

Is Whalon Smidders a poster on this thread…come on now be honest :smiley:

When you see companies based here moving to cheaper locations, their spin seems to have a ring of truth to it. Our corporate tax cheat and eu membership brought money into this country. Wage issues are partially offset by the corporate tax rate.

One of the things that I find increasing ironic is that the people in society who’s jobs are increasingly secure, are those who are getting minimum wage, or are public servants.

Its very difficult to ‘offshore’ jobs like security guards, shop workers, or rubbish collection. Its a piece of piss to put 200 software developers or lawyers out of work.

And on another thread we have people with College educations indulging in some schaudenfreuda over the fact that people who didn’t go to College & earned a ton of money in construction were now on the dole. :angry: