Universal Basic Income - Who Pays?


The eagle has landed


‘Government Artists’ used to be a euphemism for dole spongers, from ‘drawing the dole’ I think. Guess this means we will have a much larger cohort of artists from now on.

Nothing ‘Universal’ about this is though.


Not yet, but it is only a matter of time before they give up on trying to get the unemployable to “seek employment” when it’s clearly in their interests to stay on benefits. UBI will benefit those who have insecure income the most as they won’t have to constantly sing on and off the dole between gigs.


The Govt gave up on the unemployable decades ago. They just moved most of them to Disability to do away with the charade of seeking employment every few months.


So I can quit my job and still make 200-276 a week for being an artist i.e. permanently unemployed


As opposed to 500+ if you’re in a decent job, I know what I would prefer.




I hope they’ll all collectively stop singing/writing/painting about bleedin austerity once this is rolled out. But couldn’t be certain of it.


UBI is getting closer (both geographically & politically) as we speak, getting more inevitable as jobs are getting scarcer and “unemployment” figures get too high and politically unacceptable.