University grade inflation highlighted by study

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Woo Hoo… I graduated in 1994…

Haha, you’re old!

I’ll take my lameo 2001 degree and my youthful good looks any day :stuck_out_tongue:

When I graduated in 1986 :blush: only one person in my class received a first class honours degree and IIRC less than a dozen received a 2.1. Now what did I get again?

It suits the current political class to have a population that are literate, but innumerate. They need to be able to read an election manifesto and understand it, but not be able to spot that the sums don’t add up… the same goes for finance agreements (terms and conditions will screw you to the wall; your APR may vary, but always in our favour…)

There are those of us who believe the rot set in in 1845… :smiley:

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Heh heh me too, one out of very few firsts in the university. ‘In my day…’.

Of course this report is a total waste of money - ANY academic could have told them this. And the reportage is asinine, there are complex reasons why this happened, not all negative. In my area, the degree I did is in no way comparable to what is offered now - today’s is far superior in some ways, and slightly inferior in other ways. But the +ves far outweigh the -ves.

As someone who did a degree during the 90’s and is back doing a Masters now I’d have to say technology would be a factor in this. Between online posting of notes ease of access to lecturers and academic papers, email etc. You could easily do better in an exam now than you could have in the 90’s because technology lets you do more with the same amount of effort. So while some of it might be lowering standards a lot would have to do with technology as productivity rises in industry with better technology it has the same impact in an academic environment.

The plusves far outweigh the minusves? You need to go back to college!

During my final year of computer science, the university doled out 80%+ and even a good few 90%+ grades for final year projects, pushing lots of kids into the 1h bracket that would not have had the grades otherwise. Ended up with more than 30% of the class getting a first.

There can’t have been that many amazing write-ups.

This from a university getting a listing that particular year in the top 250 in the world. Plenty of good research going on, but a mickey-mouse approach to undergrad teaching.

It happens.

Abbreviation for positive & negative actually. Go to the back of the class…

Are none of these people familiar with a Normal Distribution, You know, one of these ???

Lets face it, the raw material is exactly the same. 50% of people have below average IQ & 50% above average.

The prevalence of As & 1st class awards, now means that people who were C students in 1993, are getting 1st class degrees in 2010.

I don’t blame the students; they are just now more able to work the system than they were previously, they can now pick & choose which parts of the syllabus they study; because they are now studying just enough to pass the exam. In the past, this approach was academic Russian roulette. Whether one wanted to or not, you had to read the poetry, plays, & set texts, to have any chance of a good grade.

The problem is that the current situation suits the students, as they get better grades; & it suits the teachers, as it’s a shit load easier to walk students thru the Cliff notes of Macbeth, than it is the full text. Anyone who is seriously suggesting that Honours level Mathematics in the LC is near the level it was in the 80s or early 90s, is smoking dope !

It suits the Grind Schools who are now an adjunct to the Dept Of Ed, & seem to be tasked with making up for the fact that the D.Of.Ed can’t staff its schools with teachers who can teach.

Worst of all is that this situation has been obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes since 2000 & all the effort spent denying it would have been far better spent fixing the problem, but instead as usual in Ahernistan the Government focused on buying off the unions & bullshitting the rest.

I’ve got non Gaussian distributions coming out of my ears on the Masters I’m doing.


I think you may need to research the differnce between an average and a median.

Well NUI Maynooth must be the techno-pruducto-supremos so. Morning Ireland reported their grade inflation at 700%.

They must have been working with just quills and scriptoria until recently.

Touche. I should point out I’m not studying in Maynooth. Does anyone have a link to survey methodology?

The point of a Normal Distribution is that there is No Difference between the Mean, Median & Mode of the Distribution !

Another interesting thought occurs to me.

I know from experience that a lot of people in the last few years working for FDI companies have completed Masters/Other Degrees, Doctorates etc, specifically because they were funded by the companies. Naturally Business degrees are de rigour as people try to climb the greasy pole in companies.

I wonder if Universities skewed some of these part-time courses when the realised they were stuffed with workers from FDI companies. So that they (a) wouldn’t queer the pitch for further classes, & (b) wouldn’t piss off FDI companies who employed their grads & provided investments & scholarships to the University ?