Unlock NAMA Group to occupy NAMA controlled buildings


thejournal.ie/unlock-nama-bu … 2-Jan2012/

The prompt actions of An Garda Síochána in the above matter seem to contrast quite starkly with their not so prompt actions in other related matters…

If I ever ‘occupy’ a NAMA apartment or house, it will be quietly, rent-free and thus hopefully for many years. :slight_smile:

They went about it the wrong way.

They should have rented the building and not paid a cent. Then surely the gardai would have to say its a civil matter etc…

On what grounds in this instance where the Keepers of the Peace called and also how much power do they have in such situations.

Presumably they were acting under the Housing (Miscellaneous provisions) Act 2002, (colloquially known as the anti-trespass act) which makes it an offense to be on private property uninvited.