Unusual property in Athenry what's it worth

Any opinions on this?

Looks like a bargain to me go for it!

Snowing again?

Unusual indeed

:blush: Sorry about that


Clough, Gurteen, Athenry, Co. Galway

that’s a very nice looking house although it looks a bit small, and smaller still in real life I bet than it looks in the photos. It looks to have been well renovated though, which again is nice as there is little for you to do.

The thing is, I think people need to realise that in 2011 - 200k is an awful lot of money.
It was in 2006 too, but in comparison to escalating house prices and wages it didn’t seem as much.

How does 200k compare to the average salary in the town in 2011 ? 3 times ? 4 times ? - is the house very much above average ?

Loving the contact name.

It’s in the middle of nowhere, small and old.

A bit over-priced, I would think. 100-150 would be more the mark.

agreed 200 is very optimistic. Its worth 125 max. No major renovations. New plastering, new kitchen, rewiring, replumbing, new roof etc probably 70 grand max.

Know the area very well. Full of people who moved out of G-way during the boom and now stuck with depressing commutes on bad roads. 200k would go further in Athenry itself. Still, a lovely quite, underrated, neighbourly part of the world.

Cute but impractical.
If you have kids or thinking about kids forget it, it’s too small. They had to build the ‘outside’ rooms because they couldn’t stick the cramped interior.
Put one pram or a cot into that house and people are squeezing past things.
Kitchen diner is tiny. One of the bathrooms is more a slot than a room.
Grand in the 4 hot days of summer we get with the patio door open, otherwise your noses are pressed to the glass looking at the persistent drizzle that is a feature in the West from October to April.