Unwanted property costs council millions

Your tax money at work. I don’t quite see how buying up loads of houses and then refusing to drop the price meets their definition of providing ‘affordable housing’, perhaps someone can explain it to me.

Unwanted property costs council millions
Feb 24 2010

There is no incentive for people to buy these when you can be supported fully by the state with regard to accomodation (either state housing, rent or mortgage support) anyway.

Prices of affordable apartments offered by DLRCC in Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford were reduced yesterday.
1 year ago it was 300k for a 2 bed and 250k for 1 bed.

€220,000, 2 Bed,2 Bath.
23/2/2010 09:56PM 2 Bed, 2 Bath, €220,000 Price changed
28/9/2009 10:42PM 2 Bed, 2 Bath, €240,000 Initial Price

€168,000 1 Bed,1 Bath.
23/2/2010 09:56PM 1 Bed, 1 Bath, €168,000 Price change
28/9/2009 10:42PM 1 Bed, 1 Bath, €190,000 Initial Price

Hmmmm… that’s quite a pickle to be in.

So I guess I definitely won’t be buying one so.

This is an absolute no-brainer.

These will not sell.

For the following reasons:

  1. The ‘clawback’ element of the sales contract is a disincentive to anybody who wishes to buy affordable housing as a starter home.
    (not as apparent when the market in nosedive though, soft landing my hole.)

  2. The bureaucracy of the process and it’s preference for public/civil servants as buyers, (no hard evidence here only feedback from friends/colleagues who were ‘low’ earners and applied and who found the process biased as opposed to the govt employees who were waved through the process. This however, I acknowledge can be said for many mortgage providers.)

  3. The relative inflexibility of the price in response to the current market conditions. A simple check on daft or myhome (and comparison with the cc website(s)) shows that the affordable housing schemes are now more expensive then their comparable alternatives.

  4. The obsession with churning out apartments and microhomes (sorry, townhouses) and portraying them a a viable living option. Sorry biased here but having seen the ‘quality’ of new apartments, l for one would rather spend 25 years in a mountjoy cell slopping out.

These housing units will either be allowed to fester or be used for housing list purposes. The latter will cause some resentment for those who purchased and now see their neighbours getting what they pay for, for free.

Affordable housing imo was a great concept made shite by our system of morons whose idea of forward planning extends no further than skulling a rake of pints, then shovelling down chips while fawning over RTE’s spew on the box.

Yes I know, plenty of vitriol there, but this country is fast becoming a fucking joke. Apologies if I offend anyone with the reality of the situation, don’t worry I’m ‘sharing your pain’.

We should never have had a situation were well off people would be lucky if they could afford affordable housing.

Ill see you in heeeelllllll Bertie…

Surely the concept of affordability should be that one does not need a scheme to buy :slight_smile:

Unwanted Councils cost millin’s and billin’s

The scheme only ever seemed useful if you were buying the place to live in forever, e.g. as a single person likely to remain so or maybe as a childless couple likely to remain so etc.

Words Fail Me

Demolition by Default?
Overpriced, Fail ==> Affordable Housing Scheme, Fail==> Social Housing, Fail ==> Demolition
€250,000 €200,000 €50,000 -€100,000


Indeed, I have to admit I can’t quite follow why it is not ‘feasible’ to keep reducing the sale price to reveal the extent to which the council has incurred a cost.

I feel like I’m missing quite a lot in this article. Housing policy is obviously much more complex than I thought.

If they already have too much ‘affordable’ housing and a problem with vacant social housing being vandalised, why are they apparently attempting to source more property via long-term leases?

It’s not just the economy they re to small and people have copped on that they won’t be abele to sell them.

View one in Ballinteer with the OH we rent near by – nice apartment but the living area and bed rooms were about 2/3’s the size of the one we are renting – you have space to put up a LCD TV on the wall an a nice size sofa / chairs – nothing to big though but there isn’t space for a small dining table, not even for 4 people, you could never have friends / family over …… the bed rooms are on the small side too.

All in all nice apartment if it were bigger but as it stands just to small – so will never be worth the money and would be difficult to sell on.