"Up Up Up" - From MyHat.ie

Apparently, the myhat.ie weekly index showed that prices in Dublin for
3-bed semis, 2 bed apts and 4-bed detached all increased last week.


Looking at the graphs, it does look like 4-bed detached might actually be a trend (a few weeks of increase).

I have no idea of the methodology…

Here’s an idea.

It’s bollocks.

:slight_smile: Please elaborate on this?

I don’t know the history but am very wary of the motives of any purveyors of statistics in this area (apart from Ronan Lyons and the DAFT guys…)

I’ve a deep suspician that the guy behind that site has a few properties in South Dublin he’s trying to sell and the sole purpose of the site is to somehow try and pump that market.

His methodolgy is complete bollox and I’ve heard him a few times on radio pimping that particular area ad nauseum, sounding like he’s just off a plane from 2006.

Please have a read of the guy’s posts on this forum and make your own mind up…


Same guys that 2 months ago saw increases in “particular property types”.


Hmmm. “This one increased, lets include that in our survey”. “This one decreased… Better leave it out as it doesn’t meet our definition of a particular property type”.

Thanks for the link.

Ah- so this data source also saw all Dublin weekly indexes go up in March 2009 as well :slight_smile:


Interesting to also see the Indo and all the MSM calling a bottom in Spring 2009. I thought that bottom calling just started at the turn of this year. I guess that’s “critical journalism” for you…

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Prices rising, my hat.

Yeah, and my arse. :angry:

Yeah, and leprechauns are real XD