Up Yours to IPW, Sherrytitz stop giving out house prices

This caught my eye

sherryfitz.ie/sf2003.exe?pag … ode=branch

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Price On Application Only

Wow :open_mouth: , when did this start ??? :open_mouth:

they are swimming against the tide, Daft is plenty for price analysis. When Daft and myhome join sherry doing this, this will represent the industry saying NEVER NEVER NEVER to price drops. If I cant see it , it doesnt exist 8)

Its been happening for a while now:


I personally think they are shooting themselves in the foot as most people would search daft/myhome for houses in a particular price range. I don’t look for all houses, it gets too depressing to see the houses I can’t afford :frowning:

That lot Coonan are now showing prices again in the main 8) , they were Caught Rotten shilling on AAM not so long ago if ye recall, most amusing.

It must have really worked for Cloonan Real Estate. Most of their ads now have prices.

That thread is very strange, half the posters seem to be banned??? Is that normal for AAM?

Thought something like this might happen but i can’t imagine that the whole market will change to POA

You must be unfamiliar with the shenanigans that went on over at Askaboutmoney.com

take a peek here:

thepropertypin.com/forum/vie … highlight=


thepropertypin.com/forum/vie … highlight=

That’s a bit strong blindjustice, I’d suggest retract and amend! :open_mouth:

:stuck_out_tongue: Sorted 8)

In fairness, I’m surprised at ye 2Pack! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is, if not in the top three recurring thread themes on the 'pin, comfortably in at no.5.

Price On Application is not a new tactic, it’s as old as the hills and very annoying indeed, if there’s any regulation in this area worth it’s salt it will require all vendors to give a guide price, square meterage of all rooms and well.

Actually that’s it.

I’d be happy with that.

I have never seen (arguably) the biggest auctioneer in Ireland systematically hiding prices like this .

Entry after entry is POA

If it was Dan Jimmy McAustin & Sons in Ballydehob I would not give a damn.

2Pack is right, this is a big change in advertising policy. The key thing here is that it’s new homes. Even on myhome.ie, most new developments have now switched to POA. Just have a quick search of Dublin south, they are mostly POA now, not just Sherry Fitz either.

I would say many purchasers would get cold feet or look for a reduction if they saw the price of the apartment or house they were buying fall in price. I guess hiding the price drops helps any deals currently in process to continue without upsetting nervous buyers.

POA is a 100% turn off. In a flooded market you want your best price/foot put foward :unamused: A sudden attack of secondary denial? Who knows but POA makes it impossible to seach within budget limits for those using the internet and max price filters.

If you’ve got the best price you want the world to know!

Exactly, its making work for the buyers 100 fold.

If i see 100 houses in a particular area listed by an EA where i have an idea of the price range from history but not the price, i’m hardly going to ring up the EA and be on the phone for hours asking each house price, i’m not gonna call to the office out of my time asking even for a list just to find out they wasted my time and they are hardly going to answer my emails.

Just imagine this happening at every EA with every buyer inquiring, houses will just become so unattractive to a buyer as the process be so tedious and even EA themselves will be swamped with just ‘inquiries’ on sale price that they become so inefficient.

To sum up, its wasting buyers valuable time who will move onto other EA with listed prices as everyone is time conscious these days.

I wonder will they start updating the properties that they have also advertised on MyHome as POA.

It strikes me that large price cuts have been implemented just in time for the short September selling season …and that SF are attempting to hide this fact .

I’m not convined this is all as insidious as some posters think.
In the current market it may be a good tactic. Sherry Fitz have clearly realised that asking prices mean absolutely nothing at the moment, so by only providing price on application the agents get two advantages
1 they get to ask potential buyers what their price range is
2 they get the opportunity to offer alternatives where they know the vendor is more realistic about asking price

I know it’s easy to hold EAs in contempt for their behaviour over the last 10 years, but, in fairness, they are generally just doing their jobs. Luckily for buyers, the EAs are going to have to work a lot harder in the future.

You know what they say - what goes around comes around.

But hey, guess what.

I am not going to call an agent with POA plastered over every two bit shoe box on their books.

It constantly amazes me what Irish people put up with. It’s not as if you aren’t going to fall over another 5 agents on the way to Sherry anyway.

Indeed, surely most people would be very loathe to get involved with a POA place on principle.