UPC - Major Meltdown? 28.06.2012

City and southside appear to be out and none of the UPC numbers would dial through. I know the City Centre was down and also soutside, got a call from a friend.

Is someone loose with a JCB?

My UPC internet clicked off for about 45 mins earlier today.

Our IP Phones came back before work was out but the internet access was still down in general. SO they managed to resolve their DNS or whatever they do I believe the TV side was also out.

Anyone see smoke on the horizon? :confused:

Still Here.

Lurking with my UPC connection. ( Southside)

UB. Another story.

No problems to report in Clontarf.

They upgraded everyone in the last week, probably fell over from the stress of the extra traffic.

Mine isn’t working at the moment. I am about to power off the router and see how that goes. I have mobile broadband as well for various reasons so not completely cut off. However, my upc is generally better than my o2 so default to that when at home.

OW has IP phones? :open_mouth: I would have pegged you as a polished brass and wood rotary phone kinda guy.

Dublin 5 out all this evening and intermittent inability to connect for the past few days. Back now.

Ah, the infamous JCB!

Parts of North Kildare are out since 4PM too. People nearby on either side of me out but I’m grand…


went in my part of sth dub around 3.50pm…still gone at 4 when I switched it off and went out into the SUN! but was back by 6 when it started to rain again…



Just did a speed test.
My 25Mb connection now returns 32Mb :smiley:

Had tested since the upgrade and went from 39 Mbps on a 50 Mbps connection to 49 Mbps on a 60 Mbps connection.
Didn’t realise I’d maxed out the wireless though. Just retested with an ethernet and got 63.5 Mbps out of 60 Mbps !
Had thought I was on wireless-N … I better check again.

Mine is back and seems to have dis-improved. :angry:

  • Sticks thumbs under suspenders to stretch them out while slowly chewing on a long stalk of corn *

I gots me up to a 60Mb/s connection now …

Well see what you get downloading an ISO image here, cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/6.0.5/amd64/iso-cd/

Speedtest results are ok for spotting trends in service but you can’t really rely on any of them as it depends on the server you are hitting and if you try various one on the net you’ll find you get massively varying results.

It goes without saying you can’t depend on anything on the internet – every server’s different. But nothing can go faster than the max bandwidth coming into your house … which is what you’re trying to measure with a speed test.

Been seeing some very variable results from speedtest.net lately… started hosting our own for work tests because it was too unreliable.

How do you do that ?

Speedtest.net actually provide a cut-down version of the server software that you can host yourself. It’s a bit of PHP that mainly measures the upload. The hosted version also contains the Flash file that your browser downloads to run the test.

That’s a pretty blunt tool, even if you can host it yourself. Because those type of speed tests run in Flash or Java, they are highly susceptible to issues with your computer (memory, general cruft, etc). For example, on my last laptop I found that a reboot would inevitably improve the measured speed. In addition, a single download is measuring a very limited set of packet sizes and connection types. Even for pure bandwidth measurement I’m not overly gone on speedtest.net. We also host a big binary file and use wget to measure the download when we want a more accurate download speed.