Updated Posting Guidelines


thepropertypin.com would like to remind users that if they feel it’s acceptable to Ad-hominem each other. It most certainly is not. Never was and never will be.

The price of admission is civility.

An all too comfortable atmosphere is fostering a rather undeniable rise in the trend toward continuous Ad-hominem of all shapes and lazy sizes, often in the vein where familiarity breeds contempt. This activity must immediately cease.

thepropertypin.com moves to expedite the application of forum moderation, thus raising the actionable penalty so resolution of moderation duties can be carried out in the most efficient manner but regrettably with the most crude of means presently available to the Moderators and Admin.

Ad Hominem posts will now incur an irreversible username ban without warning. Ref: Butterfly Protocol

Please read the full updated advisory on forum rules and policy by clicking here. Thank you.

This notice will be removed within at least 30 days.