Urban v Rural


Ah, I understand and yes I did, sorry.


The cost isnt 13-15 a day. It is about the cost to the parents of supporting an adult. This includes the cost of all meals and expenses. Send them packing and even given them this amount and have them get a part time job to make up the difference in rent - and you`ll house share relatively cheaply around college towns.

Or have them work for a few years and save up to go to college. Both ways will have them appreciate their education alot more than if it were handed on a plate to them.


That is very endearing. Seriously. No, I am not your Mammy, but you should show her that post.


Thanks fireflynn. She knows we think she’s brilliant… :slight_smile:

That’s true Blindjustice BE but if everyone did that then there’d be far fewer young people going to college. Maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing! But it is natural for parents who can afford it to try to give their (young adult) children the best start in adult life they can which, for a lot of people, means supporting them in their attempt to get a good quality third level qualification. That’s been the pattern more or less forever as far as I can tell. These days it does mean that a significant number of young adults are supported financially by their parents as attendance at third level becomes more prevalent. Not necessarily a good thing but very common nonetheless.


Student grant rates for the 2012 financial year

Non-Adjacent Rate 	Adjacent Rate

Special rate

€5,915 	€2,375

Full Maintenance

€3,025 	€1,215

Part Maintenance (75%) €2,270 €910
Part Maintenance (50%) €1,515 €605
Part Maintenance (25%) €755 €305

This isn’t formatting properly.
Full non-adjacent grant is nearly 6k - three times what it was when I was in college. Think I got 1600 punts. And commuted from home.
Could a student living in Dublin survive, with work on 2,375 p/a?


Given the cost of nursing home care at upwards of a grand a week, I would have thought the sooner junior gets a high-flying degree with high-flying income, the better for the rents in the long run, no?


That is a debate for another thread, a very worthy debate indeed. One that should delve into the necessity of degrees and the duration of many courses and whether they should run non stop or with shorter breaks etc etc etc :slight_smile:


I use to have a 45 minute drive to get from poxy Clondalkin to Ballymount. Mental. Hated driving, the traffic, newlands cross, spending money on petrol. Now I live in Rathgar and have a 25 minute walk or 10 minute cycle to town. You don’t need a car to enjoy your music and podcasts people.


Except that those in the car have to do all the concentrating for themselves and for cyclists listening to Far From the Madding Crowd.

That said, how long would it take to cycle from Clondalkin to Ballymount? Not long if you’re close to Newlands.


How many cyclists have been killed by vehicles in the last 10 years?
How many cyclists have been the cause of serious accidents or indeed been the cause of a death in the last 10 years?
Your posts are usually much more considered. This one is disappointing!
I wonder how men can manage, what with concentrating for themselves and for the women applying makeup while driving. Stereotypes aren’t very nice are they, in fact they are downright offensive.

And I was in such a happy cycling place today, what with Lance getting his comeuppance :smiley:


I’ve spent the last week beyond the pale and I’d like to report my findings.

It appears that the people who eat their dinner at lunch time have also been eating dinner at dinner time!

By way of clarity if you live beyond the pale and your BMI is less than 25 I’m not referring to you.

What has happened to rural Ireland? OMG you’ve got fat! And you’re living on social welfare!

Prior to leaving Dublin we bought our 2 year old a nice pair of shoes for our staycation ( we are saving our money for a deposit). Day one we went to the beach, dumped our stuff and took the kids to the waters edge. When we came back there were two fat girls, locals judging by the acents each with a young kid playing with our beach stuff. Judging by their age and BMI I would sugest that they were not taxpayers. Mrs TI said to them we don’t mind you playing with our stuf just make sure you leave it behind. After a few minutes of us being back they left. It was only when we went to leave that we realised they had nicked our kids shoes! They were the only pair we brought so we had to buy more shoes for ther the next day. I was apoplectic with rage.

Fuckers this petty criminality and sponging from this system just makes fools of the rest of us. What do I work so hard and pay so much tax to support this shit?


It would have taken circa 30 minutes I’d guess but would not have been feasible for me wearing a suit and no shower facilities at the office. I can just about manage not sweating cycling at a leisurely pace from the Rathgar Road to Merrion Square in the suit.


Well, I know one person killed by a cyclist as they were crossing a zebra crossing with car traffic stopped to let them across. Yes, it’s an isolated case, but you did ask.


I’ve been trying to talk around this reality for years. I’ve attempted to gently introduce it to the collective subconscious with a link to a CSO release here or an analysis of the latest act of denial in support of Shannon Airport there.

And then you just go and say it.

Now, now. Stop making things up. You know very well that its only in Dublin that you encounter either single parents or crime.

Also, I feel your assessment of their body image is clouded by your expectation that they should ape the stick insects that you undoubtedly see every day in D4.

If they took your child’s shoes, I’m sure it was by accident. In any event, it is small recompense for their taxes going to build Metro North, electrification of the Maynooth rail line and the Eastern Bypass.


I was going to jump in at the end with my humble opinion but this thread looks way too funny to pass up. So I’m off to start at page 1.



And a great book. Highly recommended.


These ladies are not spongers. *They are driving the economic recovery * And by expropriating your wealth they are increasing the progressivity of the tax-benefit system - leaving them with even more cash to help the economy take off like a rocket!

Seriously though, my commiserations :frowning:


I didn’t expect the answer to that question to be zero but I did expect it to be statistically insignificant. It seems that I’m most likely right. Then again I may well have known that before I asked he question. I note that you didn’t answer the second question, even though I did ask :stuck_out_tongue:
I have linked to it previously on a thread (on my phone now so can’t), the RSA publish statistics on contributory factors for accidents. Cyclists don’t appear in that table, I wonder why?


Ray, I was responding to a very specific post about enjoying podcasts and music while cycling to work. To have the level of concentration needed to enjoy music or other audio, there has to be, in my view, a lack of concentration on potholes, cambers, car doors, pedestrian crossings… And I think it’s dangerous to be a cyclist who is not listening to the traffic and environment.


Annoying and frustrating on a holier but to make a link between BMI and theft would leave the skinny Barcelonian pickpocket or Somalian Pirate?

Seems to me those kids might have just been bored more than anything rather than wanting anything but some attention.