Urgent Iban

Sorry for the O/T but does anyone know which of our brilliant banks will do an Urgent IBAN to Australia? And how quick is ‘urgent’ to the banks? Cheers

AFAIK, AIB are the only bank that have 24 hour telephone banking, so they would be your first port of call. They will probably explain the procedure to you.

If you have a credit card, a western union or moneygram transfer is probably the fastest way. They can transfer a small amount (usually under 1k) to pretty much anywhere in the world . Their fees are quite high (5-10%), but AFAIK it is almost instantaneous.



If a loved one is in trouble, you can probably get money to them in the next couple of hours. If it is anything else, they can probably wait.

There are other ways to get money to Australia too. If you give us a bit more information we might be able to suggest alternatives. Very often, hotels will accept a credit card to give a room or cash back in an emergency situation. If a person’s cards have been stolen their travel insurers might help them with emergency cash. Ditto Visa/Mastercard. Ditto American Express.

Obviously it either wasn’t that urgent, or else it was so urgent that 15 minutes was too late a reply.

I want to send money to Australia by close of business Wednesday (Oz time)

To arrive by Wednesday? Id say thats pretty easy, just walk into your bank and ask for a same day telegraphic transfer. Probably cost about 30e. Just make sure you put in the bank details correctly and also stand by your phone cos they may call just to confirm the details of the payment with you first. Missing that call could cause a delay.

I think that’s possible. You will have to pay a premium for the urgency, but AIB seems to charge in the region of €25/32 for such trasnfers.


Check with your own bank first, they might be the most accomodating.

Cheers guys, will get down to the bank first thing. hope it goes through in time!