US 2022 Midterm Elections

Why is Katie Hobbs inside the tabulation room?

Look at her body language.

Why is Trump sitting through a storm in Florida?

Watching the watchers.

Hunters become the hunted.



Shadow President no more.

Dark to Light.



Is there a way to embed a Twitter video on this site? @Open_Window ?

Funny you should ask that Twitter embeds should work but twitter did something ages ago that made it not work with some changes to opengraph tags n’stuff. It’s an involved process to get it working and is not always guaranteed to work.

Does that answer you question? :wink:

From August

I don’t know how anyone could consider the American elections as being legitimate.

Here’s what we know:

-The White House funded Ukraine.

-Ukraine partnered with FTX.

-FTX funded Democrats with tens of millions during the midterms.

The American people deserve answers.

These midterms were totally illegitimate.