US: CNBC: Most Americans Say Now Is Good Time to Buy a House

Blue Horseshoe

Most Americans probably thought it was a good idea 2 years ago and 2 years before that as well.

In fairness. From some of the fire sale sI have seen, it could well be a good time to buy in many parts of the US.

Average US house price is €130,000 they possibly don’t have to sweat too much regarding the decision.

From either freakonmics or fooled by randomness (can’t remember which) there was a stat that most Americans felt there was a higher probability that they would be killed by terrorism in the following year then the probability that they would die of any cause. Just goes to show, you can’t really trust “most Americans”.

Id say these guys formed part of the sample :wink: (posted before but its apt) … ective.htm

just watched that… Jesus that’s frighten ting.

But at least I learned something as I never knew South Korea was so much Smaller than North Korea, either.