US Economy May Be Worse A Year From Now: Feldstein

please listen to this man, hes the only politician of note

the US is super fucked, expect major civil unrest in 2009/10 after the collapse of the dollar and the drying up of free money from abroad

Institute of Supply Management - Report for December - USA

Scary stuff, quite a few historic lows and not much outlook for improvement. :cry:

The doom is over done, at this point if even 25% of the claims were half truth then we may as well get some guns and start shooting, or failing that move to Hawaii and enjoy the last few sunsets.

I am guessing the doom and gloom kids are just as out of control as the RE and banking people were a couple of years ago.

And as to Ron Paul, he has spent his life shouting from the sidelines , he should join a damn party and get on with it. Instead he cries like baby about how we should all listen to him and how everyone else is wrong, he sucks .

fourth comment on that video page

:unamused: :mrgreen:

Next step in the boom, throw out hot chicks to distract from bad news

edit: Also, that is an awesome sculpture on his desk. I think it is this: … oduct=2295

Ron paul hits the nail on the head as regards cutting back on empire spending, are people objecting to that? less tanks to blow up kids and allt hat…