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**Real Estate and Housing Industry Outlook and Review **

Great Article. I have been following Morgan’s posts through Mish’s Economic Site.

More proof that Florida is in serious trouble from the housing crash. 18 TGI Fridays restaurants in South Florida file for bankruptcy. As the Florida property owners are losing home equity at a blinding pace, money must be getting a little tight. This is just the beginning, there will be major losses in the restaurant / retail sector in the next few years. … _0821.html

This story brought tears to my eyes…If you have ever had Friday’s buffalo wings and potato skins, you would know why. Why can’t anyone in Ireland serve good buffalo wings, is it really that complicated??

You ever tried the Elephant and Castle in Temple Bar? Top notch wings.

I have walked past Elephant and Castle a million times, but never looked at the menu. I’ll give it a try, thanks for the tip.

Yeah it’s well known for it’s wings

OW has the most unholy veggie burger recipe on the planet. My secret active ingredient is ********* 8) (Buffalo Wings…pigs will fly :unamused: )

PM if anyone is truly interested.

I hear the chef from elephant and castle recently moved to the Canal Bank Cafe on Leason St so the good wings are there too now. … 76489C.htm

Condo Fever in Miami Brings Profits, Then Panic

I was in Miami about a year ago and the number of condo towers under construction is simply amazing. I wonder who is actually going to occupy these places when they are finished. I think I read one statistic that said 75% of buyers were investors. A few of the towers have nice locations but most are in downtown Miami. Most will never close the deal on the purchase and will only lose their deposits. Downtown Miami is easily one of the filthiest places on the planet and the number of homeless people walking the street doesn’t help property values. Nice view, but don’t walk outside your front door. Good luck to whoever spent their hard earned money on these places.