US homeowners flock to Florida event in desperate bid to ... … reclosures

These guys are from the states ( more northern and eastern) where you may not post the keys back. The majority of states have ‘recourse’ mortgages where you remain liable for the mortgage debt and where you have no choice but to ask for a modification ( writeoff)

What gets me every time is the value. $60K is only €46K, we have a long way to go yet - there ain’t too many shoeboxes in the west or Ireland at €50K yet.

Fixed that for ya.

But be patient.

You’ll prob be able to get a field with a famine cottage (no PP of course).
Being sold in and around 50k…

The fact that they are selling agricultural land (owing to not havin any PP) really highlights the surreal nature of valuations in the Irish property world :slight_smile:

There you go. It’s a wreck. Needs complete refurbishment and there is a farm yard adjacent.

From the ad :

In need of total renovation - poor condition at present

Viewing recommended to appreciate property condition

No really, you have to see it. Its in bits. :smiley:

Jaysus, that’s gas !

€2k worth of new UPVC windows in a €50k wreck.