US: House Price per square foot data.

I’ve been looking to get a very rough idea of the average price per square foot for Irish housing. My guesstimate is about €200-225 ($255-285) per square foot, about the same price as Metropolitan New York.

Yeah, average house size used to be around 1100sq ft I think, probably gone down though with the shoebox apartments.

At ~€260k average price and ~1100 sq ft average size, you get about €236 per sq ft so you’re not too far out I’d say.

Hmmm, interesting. Pity we don’t have charts on this for Ireland.

I found this chart on International Prime Residential property from Knight Frank Q2 2008

As they use £ per sq ft, and € per sq m, I have divided the price per sq m by 10.76 (1 square meter = 10.763 910 417 square foot) to get a price of €526.95 per sq ft.

I have to say I am surprised at that low figure for back then, and for prime residential property.

My guesstimate would be in the same region as yours.

Self Explanatory.

Obviously using the international norm of metre rather than foot,