US multinationals call for changes to Irish tax system … single9687

Blue Horseshoe

He hit the nail on the head there. Cowen won’t listen to doom-mongers on the PIN but he has to listen to the multinationals.

I wouldn’t read into that press release too much. As well as looking out for their own companies’ interests, they’re also laying the groundwork for doomsday. Basically you should read “the American Chamber of Commerce are the responsible ones. Had you listened to us and not [insert blame group of choice], you never would have had your economic woes”. It would be important for organisations such as the ACC to prevent the Irish-American political lobby group from getting disgruntled.

You’re telling me. I showed the prices of houses on Daft and to some Americans when I was over there.

Property websites shouldn’t cause so much laughter that CPR might be required.