(US) Newspaper advertising revenue down 9.4%

It doesn’t give a reason other than

but I’m sure the property collapse in the US has played a large part. Considering the level to which Irish newspapers are exposed to property advertising, I’m not surprised that their editorial is exhorting people to “buy buy for the love of god will you buy”.


Google and other advertising dependent media will be next.

Also I think craigslist is giving them a kicking in the classifieds.

Very true.
Craigslist is catching on big over here, it works well and is free. :smiley:
Having said that I’m sure the down tick in the RE. market is taking a toll also.

If anything the downturn/slump in the property market would actually boost advertising revenue as developers now have to spend more money and longer trying to sell their developments

“Newspaper ad revenue soars to €367m as spending up 1.3pc”

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