US: Peter Schiff versus Estate Agent

1/1/2008- Ron Paul Supporter Peter Schiff On Cavuto

Bearfest: Peter Schiff rips into Estate agent who is on the back foot.

Schiff rocks, I’ve no idea why he goes on Fox so much, the Fox audience don’t see the sort to listen to numbers and rational argument.

Schiff appears on Fox because Fox is owned by NewsCorp. And NewsCorp own HarperCollins which publishes Schiffs book. Did you not notice the book plug in that interview?

CNN are boycotting him because he appears on Fox. Its great to see him there though, he really shows up the ignorance of most of the other schills they have on that program. There is more from him here.

It does not always mean he is right though, there was a recent exchange between him and Mish from Global Economic Trend Analysis.

December 21, 2007: Peter Schiff Not Your Father’s Deflation

December 24, 2007: Mish Not Your Father’s Deflation rebuttal

December 26, 2007: Mish Peter Schiff Replies to Deflation rebuttal

Its cross-marketing the products of other parts of the corporation. Similar to a movie tie-in to McDonalds Happy Meal.
CNN do the same by recycling stories from Time magazine onto their news channel, which is part of the same corporate media giant.
News and media content are products that need to be marketed and generate a return.

I couldn’t miss it, :wink: I was really wondering why he never appears on other channels.