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The Las Vegas thing scares me a little. 25k construction workers laid off, 3 mn sq feet of retail space and 10 bn of commercial space idle. It is a disaster zone by US standards… wait 'til they get a load of us…

Yeah but there is no NAMA rushing in there to rescue the lenders.

Las Vagas may have to be abandoned in the next few years due to Lake Mead drying out.

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Dry Lake Mead? 50-50 chance by 2021 seen
Study cites warming, water use and growing Colorado River deficit

good find.

from that presentation slide 11

I know that’s because it’s easier to walk away, but that’s huge

The New York Times has since taken down that photo essay because some of the photos were digitally manipulated: … essay.html

Not that it matters much…

Actually I think it does matter. I was impressed by these photos, and I am sure they made an impression on lots of readers. One wonders how much of this goes on elsewhere. Another so-called paper of record that has no clothes!

Here’s another image that made an impression on lots of readers:


The slides have been pulled! :open_mouth:

What’s that for? (Sorry I live thár sáile so not au fait with recent Irish press)

It was part of a sales pitch for a development in Dublin trying to sell it as a sexy, yuppie style place.

It recently featured in the news with apartment owners complaining about living on a building site (AFAIK all work has ceased). Gracious it ain’t.
Sorry can’t find any links, I’m sure someone else can oblige.

Sorry but was that development by yer man who featured in ‘the builders’? The guy who (used to) dressed like Neo in the matrix?
I remember discussing with a relative in Ireland these ‘investments’ after reading that book and his comment was “keep walking”!

Stanley Holding was the company behind it, not sure who is behind that. Here’s a link to some boomtime media porn.

It actually said ‘Savvy’ in the headline, WTF! So what’s the story there now and links?

regarding Balmayne mentioned above as property porn, they couldn’t even see fit to put in a full basketball court.
Rio Vista, California. Only good thing is at least the roads are built. … elopments/

Plenty of brown spaces… Just what you need…

That Belmayne pic was bugging me - reminded me of something - and then it clicked.

As this is a US thread - I reckon we have a symbiotic/demonic relationship with the good ol’ US of A: