US - Protests, Riots, Looting and Insurgency?


Might as well start with the bricks story via a Zerohedge link as they are all over it:


Story and footage form a few days ago:

BREAKING NOW: Protesters have broken into the Ohio Statehouse



NEW: President Trump is considering to invoke the Insurrection Act, to deploy active-duty U.S. troops to respond to protests in cities across the country - NBC

10:09 PM · Jun 1, 2020·



Fascinating live Reuters feed



There were 63 deaths in the LA riots and there’s about 5 nationwide in these. There’s some bad videos floating around. But there’s been a very concerted effort by Anti-fa BLM and Mayors to avoid deaths. They want chaos but not poster child victims.


Somalia, Haiti or USSA?


The simple answer is gangs. In 1992 LA had a very serious gang problem and most of the deaths were gang related, one way or another. Most looters shot were gang related. The rolling shootouts in Koreatown between the Koreans and the looters were with cholos, Mexican gang members. About two pickup trucks worth of them ended up being dumped at the local hospital afterwards.

What is not mentioned in this video, and others, is that they had a couple of ex-ROK Army Rangers on the roofs after the first day with sniper rifles. And they were used a few times. After that no one messed with the Koreans.

This time around, not a single report of any attempt at looting in Koreatown. Or any other place the business owner have armed up and are ready for that matter.

Another 20 or so of the deaths in LA in 1992 were opportunistic drive-byes. Settling scores. Like the drive by in Oakland a few night ago at the Federal building.

Those who smash the windows, either career criminals or else white “activists”. ANIFA. Black Bloc. White comfortably middle class scum. Always nasty psychopathic shits in person. Those who get caught looting always the same, mostly hispanics, black, mostly in work. Never the poorest of the poor. Just like it was in the 1960’s.

The very deliberately orchestrated looting happens mostly in cities with ultra left Dem governments. Who have spent the last decades or two undermining and alienating their city police. So the good officers move to suburban PD’s were they are not treated like shit. So only the bad ones or the just a civil service job types left in the city PD. Like in Oakland. Its the City government that creates dysfunction police depts. They just dont happen by themselves. The more left wing the city government, the more dysfunctional the PD over time.

Other news. The guy in Minneapolis was a fucking big mo’ fo’ with a long criminal record and who worked as a club bouncer. Multiple serious medical conditions and on the day in question was absolutely out of his skull on drink and / or drugs. If you watch the full cam videos, about 15 mins plus worth, they guy is obviously serious fucked up the moment he gets out of the vehicle. What has not been shown is the video of how he ended up on the ground. Seriously resisting arrest.

The coroners report shows no sign of death by asphyxiation or strangulation. Nothing to do with the cops knee. So just another drugged up felon in terrible health who pushed his luck once too often.

So the left as always glorying criminals of one sort or other for purely race baiting reasons. Leaving the ordinary folk who live in the shit neighborhoods at the mercy of the now untouchable criminals. Should ask the poor black people in Baltimore and Chicago how well that has worked out the last few years.


Dan Bongino, you can see it in his eyes.

Also contains footage of the White crowds and also the Church across from it with the set fire burning ferociously. .

US media are reporting on the “outrage” of Trump visit to the Church, as used by former presidents, you can see it is boarded up behind him presumably due to the fire damage and attack.


You have link to full cam video?


A black woman hands back a brick to alleged agitators driving around in their car handing out bricks to “black men”… she berates them rather correctly if that is the case, it also represents somewhat of a black-comedy-gold win boarding on modern Monty Phyton.

White people rolling up handing Black men bricks to throw during the protests? Glad a Black woman was there to set they asses straight.

Also another similar story.

Molotov cocktail-tossing lawyers tried to pass out firebombs to protesters: feds

The two attorneys busted for throwing a Molotov cocktail through a police car window during protests in Brooklyn early Saturday were trying to pass out the incendiary devices to demonstrators in the crowd, federal authorities said Monday.


This lady on twitter claims to know who is supplying the bricks:

An odd stand down video, not sure what is actually going on here:

You might speculate this is a pre-emptive technique of spraying a business with the correct visual symbols and tags to act like camouflage so it won’t be touched as it looks to have already been hit. A rather clever low-cost tactic compared to going to the trouble of putting up protective hoarding :whistle:


Some Solidarity in Spain.


EVIL on the march.

Police chief breaks down after fire crews blocked from burning Richmond home with child inside


The mainstream media are the enemy of the people.


The body cam video and security video was shown on local MN TV stations. And local media links. I will see if i can find them again.

The PD released the officer cam from the suspect vehicle exit to the taking the suspect across the street for positive ID from the store owner. So gives a very good idea of the suspects state and attitude before he lost it after the store owner ID him. The guy was really really wasted and had a bad attitude from the get go. The later body-cam video wont be released until trial as it is under seal as evidence.

What I saw in the security videos and body cams was a type you see around on a fairly regular basis in the nastier parts of the City. A wasted really big nasty dude. Someone you watch very carefully and stay well away from. They are know to sucker punch people at random. Usually older whites and asians. Had it happen to a friend, in his late '70’s. I know of one old guy who died from his injuries. These attacks happen on a fairly regular basis.

Based on experience what I saw in the videos at the start of the arrest stop was a really nasty fucker who could cause you a really nasty injury in a blink of the eye. And he was in a mean mood.


Retired St Louis police chief killed while checking on a pawn shop which was being looted.


Yep, good thing they knelt on his neck till he died. That police officer deserves a medal.


Potential looters apparently repelled by what could be rooftop gun fire.

Vid in the link -