US - Protests, Riots, Looting and Insurgency?


The three shot have been named. Plus a report from a reporter on the scene, the guy who took off his tee-shirt to stem the blood from the head wound, is that all three shot had been chasing / attacking the kid.

The people shot are a perfect cross section of the sort of people you find doing violence at a Antfia / BLM/ Black Block riot. Scum of the earth.

The first shot was Joseph Rosenbaum, a registered sex offender.

The second shot was Anthony Huber, who has a criminal history that includes charges of battery &repeat domestic abuse

And the third guy, Gaige Grosskreutz, who was shot while holding a handgun is a member of the People’s Revolution Movement and has a criminal record that includes being intoxicated & armed w/a gun among other things. So that handgun he had is probably very illegal.

One one of the guys is “local”, from same are as shooter about 15 miles out of town. The other two are from Milwaukee, almost an hour away. The city police chief said most of the people they were picking up for rioting / criminal damage / assault were not locale but mostly from Milwaukee and Chicago.

Given the background of the shootings and the likely place of the trial and the city is about 8% black and none of the local politicians seem to be SFW idiots I’d say that the 1’st Degree Murder charge will be Not Guilty. The state AG looks pretty reasonable and as all those shot are white the Federal Civil Right Commission cannot stick their nose into the case when the kid is likely found not guilty.

The city used to be an manufacturing town but is now a commuter town for Chicago and Milwaukee. So most of the people who moved there moved to get away from exactly this sort of shit. The violent riots and wanton destruction that every BLM “demonstration” causes.


Even more details on the three shot by the kid…

According to public records, Joseph “Jojo” Rosenbaum has a long history of violence.

Rosenbaum was convicted in Arizona in 2002 for committing an act of sexual misconduct with a child.

According to his entry in the sex offender registry, he was a level 3 offender, meaning he was at a high risk of reoffending and a general danger to his surroundings.

Arizona Department of Corrections records reveal that Rosenbaum spent 12 1/2 years in prison after being convicted of two counts of 3rd degree sexual misconduct against a minor and one count of interfering with a monitoring device. For sexual misconduct with a minor to reach the level of class 3 felony, the victim must be under the age of 15.

More telling is Rosenbaum’s 42 seperate disciplinary infractions while incarcerated. including numerous assaults, committing sex acts and stalking, manufacturing a weapon, and arson. He was then released in 2016.

According to records from the Wisconsin Circuit Court, Rosenbaum had pending charges for battery as domestic abuse filed just last month .

Anthony M. Huber, the second anarchist who died at the scene, is promoted as a hero by for-profit “charity” business Go Fund Me. His girlfriend has raised almost $70,000 in his name.

Public records show that Huber was in fact a violent criminal with a history of abusing his loved ones.

In 2012, Huber pled guilty to false imprisonment with a dangerous weapon and strangulation as domestic abuse. He appears to have violated the terms of his probation in 2016 and was sentenced to two years in state prison, most of it with time served. Huber was arrested again in 2018 for battery.

The woman fundraising in his name, Hannah J Gittings, currently has a warrant out for her arrest for refusing a breathalyzer while driving drunk and driving with a revoked license.

Gaige P. Grosskreutz, a pistol wielding anarchist in his 40s who was shot in the arm while attacking the teenaged Rittenhouse, was charged with felony burglary and theft in 2013. He violated his probation just 4 months later. He has another arrest from 2017.

It is unclear from public records if Grosskreutz was ever convicted of a felony. If so, his possession of a firearm is a serious offense that could net him 10 years in prison.

According to a media puff piece, Grosskreutz was a professional activist with Milwaukee based “People’s Revolution,” a more extreme breakaway from the Black Lives Matter NGO.


It should go without saying, but the past criminal history of the rioters has absolutely zero bearing on whether they were killed illegally. It’s also obvious to most people in the civilised world outside the USA, that a child should not be wandering around the streets with a hunting rifle during a curfew.

That said, CNN’s coverage in the last hour is completely bizarre. An on-the-spot reporter said “it’s not clear why the man opened fire on protesters”. He has to be either stupid, incompetent or a liar. The world and its mother has seen video footage of the shooter being set upon by a violent mob. They also interviewed Anthony Kennedy, the black former president of Kenosha city council. He didn’t play ball with the CNN narrative when it was put to him that the white police chief seemed to be “blaming the victims” by saying that everyone involved was violating curfew. Kennedy referring to the rioters as uninvited out-of-towners bent on doing no good, though he also referred to the shooter as a supremacist. He rebuffed the CNN anchor and told them the police chief was doing his job, and he also welcomed the arrival of the National Guard.


Actually their criminal background has everything to do with the subject. If all three shot had been harmless college students or clueless middle class academic types that would put a very different color on the situation. And how one would interpret the MSM media coverage of the shooting. But if the first person who attacked the kid has a long history of criminal violence, and this was very easy to discover, then any media coverage that ignores that very pertinent information is automatically suspect.

This is Reporting 101 level stuff. If they dont report these very relevant background facts then it is just little more than partisan propaganda.

Reverse the situation for one moment. Left wing kid sent upon by right wing thugs and the kid shots and kills two of them. How would the MSM media play that story? If the right wing thugs had long criminal records like the BLM guys do you thing for one moment that the MSM would not be all over that story? I can think of at least a few stories in the last few decades were the politics of both parties was reversed and the criminal records of the right wing assailants was very much up front and center in the media coverage. The NYT in the last two plus decades has been particular guilty of this kind of coverage.

Maybe in your world is it not normal for teenagers to own and use hunting rifles but in pretty much all rural communities I’ve know, in the US and elsewhere, hunting rifles (and shotguns) is a part of the culture. The kid was over 14 so perfectly legal and as the local PD had failed to either provide protection or deputized citizens to protect property owners from rioters the people were perfectly within their rights to arm themselves to protect their and their neighbors property.

Not sure of the exactly legal details in Wisconsin but in most western states the armed citizens would be perfectly within their rights. Curfew or no curfew. I know in Home Rule cities and counties in California it is everyone’s (state) constitutional right to protect their own and their neighbors property through all necessary means when law enforcement cannot or will not do it. All those Korean business owners shooting looters in the LA Riots in 1991, they were perfectly within their legal rights to defend themselves. As the looters well knew. That’s how the game is played. So lots of looters shot. With no legal consequences for the shooters. Maybe not the world you live in, but its the one I live in. And am quite comfortable with. Everyone knows the rules, and the consequences of bending the rules too far.

As for CNN, well there is a very good reason why it is the lowest rated cable news channel. Its crap. Mendacious crap. Little or no news and lots of made up stuff. I am sure you must be aware of the Covington Catholic School kids story. Those libels and outright lies that CNN told against those kids who were at an Anti Abortion Rally ended up costing CNN many millions in an out of court settlement. All very deliberately done by CNN upper management. I’d put CNN in the same league for reliable news as Radio Moscow circa 1983.


Sure, the background of the rioters might have a bearing on how the media reports on the shooting but not, as I said, on the legality of the act itself. And yes, I understand that the kid probably legally owned the gun and was within his rights to carry it (though not to be out in a curfew?) … I’m just suggesting that it’s kinda nuts outside of the gun-crazy US.

And yes, I was aware of CNN’s reputation but haven’t watched it in years until I thought it would be fun to compare their coverage of the DNC and RNC. Quite simply astounding! I used to watch Fox News for fun too, and I would put CNN on a par with it in terms of partisanship. Total cesspit. It was quite incredible to see them fawning sycophantically over Biden/Harris, but tut-tutting and “fact checking” RNC speakers. (Personally I thought both conventions were cringe-inducing in different ways). Yes, I knew about the Covington kids.


A pedofile, a wife beater and and an armed Trotskyite Revolutionary walk into a bar…

There seems to be interesting censorship of Andy Ngo’s Twitter account. I can’t see the links to those tweets but I could earlier. And the number of likes is less than it was earlier. It’s about 5 to 10% the true number.

Twitter is done IMO.


Andy Ngo’s tweet seems to be still up with videos.

Here is one of many perspectives. People just destroying other peoples property. Rather mindless stuff.



This is interesting, Jack Posobiec has RT’d a video (looks like telegraph branded source) highlighting what appears to be a pistol discharge before the Rittenhouse alleged first shot, it also sounds a lot like there are multiple unaccounted for gunshots, but the video keeps pausing creating some disorientation while viewing.

From that linked src much more videos at their twitter account:

Below is a more familiar angle, but hats off to whoever spotted this gun discharge in the chaos. So now we know one or more to the rioters/mob were also armed and discharged in advance of Rittenhouse. Not sure if this is the guy who lost part of his arm a few minutes later or another unaccounted armed member of the rioting mob.

Her is the thing clincher, did Rittenhouse believe in the moment of chase, hearing the other gunshots that he was being fired upon?

Perfectly reasonable to assume that’s maybe why he turned and fired, believing he was under armed fired and not just chase.

One thing is for sure, Rittenhouse (the armed kid) is incredibly well documented during this event.


Well the kid can legally join up so he is not exactly a child. And as he showed when pursued by a baying mob intent on seriously maiming him (see Portland for what these people can do) he showed remarkably presence of mind. Even the NYT is now publishing a timeline that is sympathetic to the kids probably self-defense story. The kid was jumped and attacked first with deadly weapons. So classic self-defense case. If the NYT is backtracking the story this tells me the Dems want to put as much distance between the people shot and their support of BLM. Child rapists and wife beaters make bad martyrs. If white.

As for prior criminal background of those shot. Its very relevant. In any trial of the accused shooter this information would be introduced by the defense team as vital evidence. The prior criminal record is only irrelevant in the case of the accused. During the trial phase. The accused is only suppose to be tried on the evidence presented in the case before the court. Its in the Sentencing phase that any prior convictions will come into play. A long prior criminal record versus first offense make a big different to the final sentence. Its also important during pre-trial Plea Bargaining where a long previous criminal record is often used to get the accused to come to a plea agreement agreement. Saves a lot of time and money.

CNN is no longer in the running in comparison to Fox News… Its now MSNBC v Fox News. CNN is an also ran. Although the Big Three Network evening news broadcasts still bring in OK ratings they are most “legacy”. 75% of viewers are 50 and above. Basically those who grew up with the Big Three. Under 50 the Big Three have dismal ratings. Of the top twenty rated shows usually Fox News gets about 6 or 7 slots. Mainly because of the MSM news monoculture everywhere else.

Pew had a fascinating survey of TV news viewing habits a few years ago among the political engaged on the left and right. Both sides said they would like to have objective / non partisan sources of news. But both sides mostly watched news sources from their own side of the political spectrum. The big difference was those on the right knew they were watching partisan news and said so. But those on the left claimed that their sources were “objective” and “non-partisan” even though they reflected exactly their political point of view on all important subjects.

So that’s the big difference between the people who watch Fox News and say MSNBC,CNN, Big Three Networks and PBS. The Fox News people know they are watch partisan news while the other side thinks that their equally partisan news narrative is the objective “Truth”. Which is why you can have a knock down argument with a Fox News viewer and still remain friends. Agree to disagree. But with the other side even a mild disagreement of opinion will often never be forgiven. Because it would challenge their fundamental world view as to what is “Truth”.

Despite the lazy stereotypes in the media I have found people on the right in the US to be very tolerant of dissenting opinions but people on the left with a few exceptions tend to be deeply intolerant of any opinion that does not conform to their worldview. As presented by the MSM. The intolerant left tend to be all class conformists. Smug affluent middle class suburbanites mainly. The tolerant ones are usually professional politicians of some sort, often union, so are well used to the give and take of real world politicking.


An army marches on its stomach…

riotkitchen206 @riotkitchen206

[20h (

Riot Kitchen HQ just learned that our bus crew was arrested in broad daylight in #Kenosha today - kidnapped by feds in unmarked vans. We are currently trying to find our friends who were just there to feed people. Please share and donate for bail via Venmo riotkitchen206


Crossing State lines to engage in riots is a Federal Offence.


Was Gaige (the guy who lost part of his arm) about to use his pistol on Kyle?

This short clip sees Kyle sitting upright on the ground, it put him head level with the pistol in Gaige’s hand.

This photo/still exemplifies Kyles point of view in that split second moment.

Some claims have been raised that the video angle shows Gaige had no gun before being shot then had a gun (sleight of hand) and this is claimed to be evidence it has been digitally manipulated, it could be either way, to remove the gun/add the gun.

I have seen rather higher quality photo of gun + wound post shot of Gaige (like HQ press standard) and then some more grainy gun photos (that are appearing online), it’s all very reminiscent of another event some years ago.


There is a possibility that Kyle did not shoot the first guy who was chasing him in the car lot but another guy behind wearing a black helmet who may have fired a pistol.

Perhaps ballistics will settle it.


“Riot Kitchen HQ” looks like a crowdfunding scam to hide a bunch of politically motivated violent rioters. Zero information about them and the people behind it in Seattle. A legit non-violent organization would have a very specific public profile. So a Anfta cover.

Seems the rioting did not go too well last night. The rioters moved out to the residential areas and were met by locals with rifles and shotguns. Who fired warning shots to reinforce the point. The rioters quickly fucked off.

Also no rioting in Portland last night, so far. The city mayor and city DA have refused to bring charges against any of the violent rioters but the Feds have just issued john doe and jane doe arrest warrants for the first group of rioters in May. The Feds will prosecute the rioters and put them in jail. Unless Biden gets elected, of course, when the rioters will all be allowed off scott free.

If you want to see real “White Privilege” just look at the daily mug shots of who is arrested in these riots in Portland and how none of them are actually prosecuted for all the violent crimes they commit. The rioters are almost all white, in almost all cities. The looters are almost all black. The riots facilitate the looting. Is usually the spark. The white rioters so far are rarely prosecuted. The blacks looters mostly will be.

As someone pointed out before maybe 20 or so unarmed blacks are killed by police every year in circumstances that are dubious. But the damage caused by BLM to proactive policing in major cities over the last 7 years has lead to at least 2k plus excess black murders in those cities. Out of the 7K blacks killed every year, mostly by other blacks. Actually probably closer to 3K after this year. A whole bunch of mass shootings in Chicago, Baltimore etc this year. But as its blacks killing blacks the national media ignore it.

By this stage the BLM movement is almost as white as the Green Party. The whitest political party in the US now that the Aryan Nation is no more.


The numbers are up in NY too, any city BLM protest in gets a massive rise in serious crime, yet the media just ignore it, or else its all blamed on Trump


Big claims, require…

3 ground breaking threads here, in order of most recent.

  1. Proof of utilization of Dem International protest collusion.

  2. The blue print for Democrat world wide protest etc networking.

  3. Proof of Obama sedition via organizing to thwart Trump.

Full tweet & Images:



Barack Obama @BarackObama


As people exercise their right to protest all across the country––let the undeniable paths of our progress be a guide going forward: peaceful, sustained protest; strategic, committed organizing; and purposeful, overwhelming participation at the ballot box.

Barack Obama @BarackObama


If you’re looking to take action—or looking to educate yourselves on these issues—we’ve gathered some resources from the @ObamaFoundation that can help at….



Sen. Kamala Harris: The Nationwide Protests Are A Movement. They’re Not Going To Stop



Video at the link


BBC News did a scandalously soft-focus interview tonight with a black organiser who condoned rioting and looting because “the worst looting in this country was done by America when it looted indigenous lands and black bodies”. The interviewee claimed, rather improbably, that he had it first hand from business owners that they were ok with their premises being burned down because a building can be rebuilt but a life cannot. Even the BBC anchor raised a slight murmur at that … but only a slight one. Other gems included that the police should be defunded and the money used to pay for education and reparations.