US - Protests, Riots, Looting and Insurgency?


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Charles Murray, a man who tells the truth, (and has hard evidence to support his claims) therefore very bad, very very bad


The BBC are a total joke. You are reading along thinking it’s Jeb and Eugene…until they finally let slip at the very end that it’s actually a group of Black guys larping as Moors or something. I swear this was deliberately written this way so that someone who only read the first few lines would click away while assuming it was a group of white guys


Jerusalem Post actually used a photo of white guys with Confederate flags…


That’s outrageous. They don’t even mention the origin

This is good

“The self-professed leader wants it very much known that their ideology is not anti-government,” Mason said, but added that police do not know what their ideology is.

Of course he’s not “anti-government”. These dangerous clowns rely on the Race Hustling industry in government & academia to entertain their cock-eyed philosophy.

Apparently the Moors were pro government. Who knew !


Happy 4th of July. :us:



It’s basically the late 60s and 70s all over again. They’re going to ruin America, cause immense suffering but insist they have the best of intentions and care more.


He is basically another Chesa Boudin then. Absolutely no relevant experience, none, and will refuse to prosecute all crime unless given no alternative. And even then. And just like Boudin most of his money came from Soros or Soros front organizations.

So its back to the 1980’s for NYC then.

when the only safe bus or subway train was one where these guys were around…

Just watch the bodies of dead black men pile up in NY just like they have in Chicago and Baltimore. Over 100 shooting in Chicago last weekend alone. Almost all blacks. Shot by other blacks.

Which is all part of the plan. Dems cannot stay in power unless they keep the black voting block. And the only way they can do that is by fomenting race war. By shutting down the gang units and filling the streets with black criminals who should be jail which will rip the black neighborhoods apart. Nothing like despair to keep people voting for the government handouts party. Always worked in the past.


There’s a number of propaganda pieces in the Guardian supported by “The California Wellness Foundation” trying to obfuscate about the consequences in 2020 of the GF protests. The numbers don’t lie, but the Trotskyites will always dissemble. It’s fascinating that The California Wellness Foundation has a billion dollars and is interested in propagandizing in the Guardian

William Gude spends his days trying to hold the police accountable. As the creator and outspoken monitor behind @filmthepolicela, a Twitter account that’s attracted thousands of followers, he regularly critiques the LAPD by filming and tweeting about their activity – from traffic stops to confrontations with protesters
But one night in June, his tweets got personal. That night he told his followers that his son, Marcelis William-Gude, had been shot. After hitting send, Gude drove to the hospital where a doctor told him that his 22-year-old son died after being shot multiple times in South Los Angeles.
“I couldn’t believe it,” Gude said, adding that he couldn’t bring himself to even view his son’s body. “He loved life and the world is not a better place now that he’s gone.”
But just days later, Gude saw a headline from a local ABC affiliate that stopped him in his tracks. “Outspoken LAPD Critic now Relying on LAPD to Find Son’s Killer” the now-deleted headline read. A Guardian request for comment from the news organization was not returned.

It looks like the exuberance and calls for underpolicing following the GF death caused about 5,000 extra murders in the US in 2020. That’s a lot of blood on the hands of the Race Hustlers and Trotskyites.


Did some digging on those guys. Its a very bizarre story. Its essentially a shell company that is a part of complex tax / regulatory avoidance scheme by one of the largest health care providers in the US. Revenue over $100B a year, mostly for governemnt programmes.

Simple version. Blue Shield, a huge health insurance company, sets up a non profit in 1977 for their California HNO operation. For tax and regulation reasons. Big tax savings if structured as Non Profit. Then in the 1990’s there is a big market for HMO acquisitions so Blue Shield tries to turn the HMO back into a for-profit so they can sell it for a big profit. But there is a problem, the state regulator…

So a shell Non Profit is set up that will technically still own the now for profit HMO with a controlling share. Which over time was diluted to such a degree that the for profit HMO was later sold to a mega corp for a large profit.

The California Wellness Foundation is that rump Non Profit which has about $1B in assets, almost all stock, almost all from the Blue Shield transactions, has income of around $70M a year, mostly capital gains (so they are slowly liquidating the stock). They give out about $30M in "grants, almost all to Democratic Party big donor connected organizations, and the half dozen senior people pay themselves huge salaries. The top person gets $500K plus, the rest getting $200K to $300K.

This story is repeated almost everywhere with “progressive” Non Profits / Foundations. Same kind of people, exactly same kind of scams by those people. Huge salaries to hand out money to organizations run by their political friends.

So no wonder the Guardian loves them Another trust fund non profit. Except in the case of the Guardian, quickly going broke.


“Except in the case of the Guardian, quickly going broke”. Please asap.


Thanks for that. Everything is sinister. For instance the name. It sounds like a harmless Meditation Retreat*. But actually it’s a scheme for POC Race Hustlers (a lot of high caste Indians have snuck into these type of sinecures I see) to dole out money to their lying causes.

*The name was probably dreamt up by the kind of JewBu’s who do meditation retreats.


Interesting update on “Blakistan” - Sunbelt cities in America who have seen shootings rise since George Floyd drug death and protests, underpolicing etc





Now here is an official video from a sheriffs office in Florida about an armed street thug who tried to shoot some police officers during a traffic stop that you would never ever see made by the Irish or British police. Or any other western European police chief for that matter. The guy who was shot was a very typical BLM type “martyr”. Very long criminal record.

And despite what the MSM says this video and the the opinions expressed would be supported by the majority of ordinary people in places like the Bay Area, Seattle and LA. As there are almost no ordinary people left in Portland, they were gentrified out about 20 years ago, it would be the exception. Which is why downtown Portland is now a dangerous shithole.


Interesting snapshot from Blackistan - Louisville Kentucky province. The consequences of the Breona Taylor situation.

Of course Jecorey Arthur was swept into office on the back of the Breonna Taylor protests


1200 carjackings in Chicago so far this year !


Back to the good old day of the 1990’s and earlier…

When you lock up criminal few car-jackings, when you release the criminal lots of car-jackings.

Not that long ago younger friends used to be amused at the fact that locking my car doors was second nature in some neighborhoods. Because I remembered the good old days. Also parking under streetlights and even rolling stops at red lights at night if the area seemed sketchy. Now thank to Soros financed local politicians releasing all the criminals younger folk are going to learn the hard way all those street skills us older folk learned during the last wave of “criminal justice reform”. From the 1960’s to 1990’s. The last time crime was out of control.

You want safe streets, then lock the criminal scum up. For a long time. A very small number of people are responsible for most crime. Warehouse them for a long time and crime rates collapse. I’d start will all the “criminal justice reform” activists. Lock them up and the crime wave could soon be dealt with.

And maybe put Soros on trial for all his insider trading over the decades. That how he made most of his money. Insider trading. Almost none of his money is legit.