US - Protests, Riots, Looting and Insurgency?


Reminder that Colin Powell was fully on board the George Floyd BLM/Antifa protest lie and conspiracy against Trump.

Powell praised other retired generals who denounced the then-president – specifically in response to the protests that precipitated after the death of George Floyd.

‘I think what we’re seeing now with the most massive protest movement I have ever seen in my life, I think it suggests that the country is getting wise to this and we’re not going to put up with it anymore,’ Powell told CNN at the time


Why would any sane person intervene, you would be rolling the dice on becoming the next Derek Chauvin


Culturally different.

In a country with very very few handguns I’d expect intervention.


Nope. Philadelphia is almost a black majority city with very strict gun control laws. When means the criminals have guns and law abiding citizen generally dont because the Philly city government will not give concealed weapons permits. So no one who could step in and stop the guy. As they could in a city with widespread concealed weapons permits.

There was an off-duty transit police officer on board but they did not intervene for very understandable reasons. There have been lots of cases just like Chauvin but that was the one that got most publiscty because of the video.

This is the rapist…

This is the City DA

The DA is one of the left wing loony Soros financed DA’s who prosecutes cops and releases criminals. The transit cop would have been the guy whose life is ruined if he had intervened.

Philly has one of the highest murder rates in the US.

That in itself makes a big difference in the do I get involved equation.

What the IT story fails to mention is the woman was black, drunk and probably also a street person. Or had spent time on the streets. So no sane person of any race in any big US city would get involved in such a situation. For a start anyone who was not black intervening stands a very good chance of having their lives completely ruined. The woman changes her story and the good samaritan is now facing a criminal race investigation and will start getting deaths threats or worse from BLM thugs.

Not sure about the law in Philly but in SF due to a ordinance passed by some black criminal huckster (ex street dealer) on the Board of Supes last year if a black guy tries to rob or mug someone if the police is called the criminal can claim they were racially abused by the crime victim and the police will haul the crime victim off to the police station and the mugger can file a criminal complaint against the victim. This has been a standard operating procured by black muggers for years. Claiming the victim racially abused them. So the new ordinance now makes it easy for any black mugger to get the victim investigated if they call they police.

As the sort of person who does step in when people are out of line in public there is no fucking way I would get involved in any way apart from calling the police (maybe) if blacks are involved. A black perp / other race victim it depends on the situation but except in special circumstances not getting involved either. I’ve stepped in with abusive passengers on public transit but never with abusive blacks. Unless there is a black passenger or black driver who could stop the abuse all the other passengers just try to move away or move beside the subject of abuse hoping it will end. I’ve seen this happen several times. Everyone knowing that to even call the police would just get the victims and bystanders in a whole bunch of trouble. The abuser would walk away scott free.

Thats what happens when the Democratic Party plays the Race Card decade after decade. Most people stop caring and dont give a shit what happens to blacks in a crime situation. Just not worth the risk of getting involved.


It’s not about handguns it’s about “diversity”, Leftist institutional capture and tippy-toeing. Rotherham didn’t have a handgun problem. It had “diversity”, leftist institutional capture and tippy toeing.


No follow up article in the IT about the Philly rapist I see.

The rapist is an illegal from the Congo with a very long history of rape, assault, and violence. The guy was ordered deported in 2015. Never was. Philly is a “sanctuary city” you see. Instead of being locked up for 40 plus years as a white citizen would be with such a long criminal record he has been allowed to roam the city because the Soros sponsored DA refuses to basically prosecute anyone but ordinary people and cops.

So no wonder no one got involved. The guy is a street thug and knows he is untouchable because he is not just black but an illegal. The by-standers made the right call. No sane person would have got involved in that situation.


I wondered what AK News would have to say on this.


What’s your take on what Soros is trying to do with by installing these DAs? Why do you think they behave this way - what is in it for them to do this?


Soros hates America the same way he hates Germany, there is noting new under the sun, 100 years ago George’s friends on Wall Street gave billions to Trotsky so he could murder millions of Russians

The Soros of his day, 100 year later and nothing has changed


What motivates it though?

Schiff liked Jews. Is that motivating Soros?

I can’t seem to find it but was sure it was on this site someone probably @Open_Window put up links to a vicars talk on Queering which was pretty interesting how it was motivated by a desire to destroy the fundamental tenets of society. Can understand why disillusioned angry young people could me motivated by that but still can’t quite see what Soros end game is.

He can’t have long left before he goes the way of Peter Sutherland anyhow so what then?



Have a read of his life up to about 1955. Germans threatening him, English humiliating him.


Soros is just the typical conman with a huge chip on his shoulder. So his politics is little different from any of the over creditalized losers who read Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. Soros made almost all his money through insider trading and spent the last two decades buying the “respect” of the current elites by financing their pet projects. Just another neuveaux riche buying his place at the table of the rich and powerful. They only way he could ever be in their company.

Where this gets interesting is the current rumors is that Soroses dementia has progressed so far that the son has taken over day to day operations. There is more than a hint of the Robert Maxewells about Soros and his business dealings so I wont be surprised to discover once he is dead that his financial empire turns out to be a tissue of lies.


Soros is just the most famous, don’t worry BLM and other destructive movements won’t be short of funding


Lol at the state of Harvard and all Universities post-Floyd. Black woman flunks out of Pre-Med and blames White Supremacy. Writes an Op-Ed about it.

I took an inorganic chemistry exam the same day that a grand jury failed to charge two police officers with the murder of Breonna Taylor. That day, my body inhaled molecules of white supremacy as they seeped out of my computer from that proctored Zoom room.


Snippet from Rittenhouse trial - Game over?

Video @ Src:


I can guarantee you 100% that she got accepted with a GPA and transcripts that would not have got an Asian or White accepted. She is a quota entry. I can guarantee you 100% that all her course work was graded based on her race not on her academic ability. That has been an open secret at Harvard and other Ivy leagues for the last two decades.

Basically if an Asian or White has an Ivy League degree that might mean something. But American blacks, it means shit. One of the reasons black undergrads have such a high drop out rate is because so many are academically unqualified for the course they take. Purely quota intake. The reason why so many black grads do so badly afterwards is because so many only got through school on race based grading. Out in the real world actual competence means something. So they disproportionately end up in government or big corp quota positions. Where their only qualification is their skin color. And so continues the cycle of bitterness. Very much by design.

This is purely a problem with American blacks. Immigrant black kids do play the system but they work their asses of and succeed based on merit. In fact they are only 15% of the black population but take the majority of top academic achievements. Mrs.Omokorede is alive and well in the US.

The next big shock for the Democratic Party and their race based politics is the revolt of the Asian parents who are finally waking up to their kids being treated to 1930’s style Jew quotes in universities. The recall of the school board in SF is just the start. All triggered by a mixed race “black activists” wanting to shut down the last merit based High School where poor Asian kids had a good shot at a quality education. It seems “equity” means taking valuable high school places from high achievement hard working Asian kids and given them to black and mexican kids who will have a 50% plus drop out rate. At this rate the public school system in the City will be just blacks and mexican in a decade or so. less than 20% of the population. With the Asians following the whites in abandoning the public schools. Because of the race quotas.


How did I miss this Miss Clown World 2021 contender! :star_struck:

… but seriously, if you had figured out how to transmit molecules across a Zoom chat room you’d be Ultra Supreme God Emperor of the Internet overnight! Watch bitcoin collapse baby! :icon_beer:


Import the 3rd World, become the 3rd World (even with a 400 year gap)

In a city that is 19 percent black, data provided to the commission by the Minneapolis Police Department shows 85.2 percent of loitering arrests and citations are among black residents.

Sixty-one percent of people arrested or cited for public urination were black, while 22 percent were white. Public consumption and disorderly conduct had very similar figures.

She would like to propose a motion to decriminalize loitering and public urination, and possibly other nuisance crimes. If approved by the commission, the motion would go to the city council to consider for a vote.


Interesting snippet about Portland. It’s actually the founding place of disturbed agitation.

Dorothy Weiner and about 10 others, including Tom Wittick, established the Insane Liberation Front in the spring of 1970 in Portland, Oregon. Though it only lasted 6 months, it had a notable influence in the history of North American ex-patients groups. News that former inmates of mental institutions were organizing was carried to other parts of North America. Individuals such as Howard Geld, known as Howie the Harp for his harmonica playing, left Portland where he been involved in ILF to return to his native New York to help found the Mental Patients Liberation Project in 1971.


the Guardian using an interesting choice of words

Trust in the media:

lucky there was clear cut video evidence to show it was self defence