US - Protests, Riots, Looting and Insurgency?


11 ng/ml; elevated, but not significant (in case anyone else is wondering what that means)


Well to paraphrase Mandy Rice Davies - He would say that, would n’t he…

He was an expert witness on the stand giving evidence. The prosecution dont put an expert witness on the stand unless they know exactly, and I mean exactly, what they are going to say. And they shop around for an expert witness until they get one who gives the required answers. Thats how that game works.

Here is the County Coroners report

Well for an average male of 170lbs those are incapacitation / OD numbers according to the reference texts I looked at. Floyd was not 170lb, he was a very big mother fucker. I’m 6,1 and over 200lbs and built like a line backer and I would steer clear of someone as big as Floyd. No matter what their current chemical state. He had a serious heart condition. So guess what happened when he OD’ed.

My first reaction when I saw the first partial video - Another fucking OD. Do know why I thought that? Because I have seen more than enough OD’s by street junkies over the years to not only tell the difference between an OD and a genuine medical emergency but to guess what the fucker is OD’ing on. Which is kinda of important when it comes to keeping clueless bystanders safe.

As for the prosecution the lead prosecutor the AG Keith Ellison is a genuine criminal with a long history of gang involvement. The Hennepin county prosecutors office did not want to touch the case because it was such a joke but Ellison took it an ran because he knew he could turn into a political circus which was going to have a huge political payoff for him and his criminal cronies. WIth Ellison its always been follow the money.

The Floyd guy was violent criminal drug addict who had just got out of hospital after a previous OD. If he had been white or Mexican no one would have given a shit about his OD. But the Dem Party needs to stir up racial hatred so BLM and the black criminals they glorify was just perfect. Ignoring the fact that the vast majority of black are murdered by other blacks. And have been for more than 100 years. Or that the police are more likely to shoot whites than blacks when resisting arrest. Almost all blacks killed by the police were resisting arrest and severely intoxicated.

The politics of the Bloody Shirt is alive and well.


Just another day in a leftist city in the good ol’ USS of A. :icon_beer: