US - Protests, Riots, Looting and Insurgency?

11 ng/ml; elevated, but not significant (in case anyone else is wondering what that means)

Well to paraphrase Mandy Rice Davies - He would say that, would n’t he…

He was an expert witness on the stand giving evidence. The prosecution dont put an expert witness on the stand unless they know exactly, and I mean exactly, what they are going to say. And they shop around for an expert witness until they get one who gives the required answers. Thats how that game works.

Here is the County Coroners report

Well for an average male of 170lbs those are incapacitation / OD numbers according to the reference texts I looked at. Floyd was not 170lb, he was a very big mother fucker. I’m 6,1 and over 200lbs and built like a line backer and I would steer clear of someone as big as Floyd. No matter what their current chemical state. He had a serious heart condition. So guess what happened when he OD’ed.

My first reaction when I saw the first partial video - Another fucking OD. Do know why I thought that? Because I have seen more than enough OD’s by street junkies over the years to not only tell the difference between an OD and a genuine medical emergency but to guess what the fucker is OD’ing on. Which is kinda of important when it comes to keeping clueless bystanders safe.

As for the prosecution the lead prosecutor the AG Keith Ellison is a genuine criminal with a long history of gang involvement. The Hennepin county prosecutors office did not want to touch the case because it was such a joke but Ellison took it an ran because he knew he could turn into a political circus which was going to have a huge political payoff for him and his criminal cronies. WIth Ellison its always been follow the money.

The Floyd guy was violent criminal drug addict who had just got out of hospital after a previous OD. If he had been white or Mexican no one would have given a shit about his OD. But the Dem Party needs to stir up racial hatred so BLM and the black criminals they glorify was just perfect. Ignoring the fact that the vast majority of black are murdered by other blacks. And have been for more than 100 years. Or that the police are more likely to shoot whites than blacks when resisting arrest. Almost all blacks killed by the police were resisting arrest and severely intoxicated.

The politics of the Bloody Shirt is alive and well.

Just another day in a leftist city in the good ol’ USS of A. :icon_beer:

Yes, they’re derailing and then looting trains in LA. :clown_face:

Isn’t messing with the mail a federal offence in the US?

Might only apply to the post office but not Amazon or UPS. but in any case it was Dem voters who did this, so it could continue for a while yet

Guaranteed 90% plus white, 99% sociopaths/psychopaths. At least 70% on medication etc. The most aggressive ones will all have criminal / domestic violence records,.

That Facebook group would qualify as a criminal conspiracy in a most US states. Not that Facebook cares. There are multiple Antifa etc Facebook groups that openly dox anyone who challenges them. The ones in Oregon are completely open and up front about posting personal information and inciting people to attack / harm people and discussing what they have done.

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There is a religious righteousness to it all, find a similar theme among some environmentalists

The overlap between the BLM and Ecofacists is almost 100%. I know a lot of the Antifa people in Berkeley and Portland came out of the Earth First and associated radical greens of 10 or 20 years ago. You see the same kind of people. The same faces.

Earth First! - Wikipedia!

When you start pushing these people hard they are all totalitarians of one form or other. Quite comfortable with hurting or killing people who disagree with them. Or who are The Other.

Politics is always stated in moral terms. We are the Righteous. So anyone who disagrees with us is by definition Evil. So anything we do to Evil people is by definition Good.

I’m paraphrasing a post seen elsewhere, kinda a question for @jmc about whether it’s true (I remember you posting about color of authority ages back) & if it applies in Ireland, or if it’s just a US thing.

As employees of the government, public officials are required to take the oath of office and have a SURETY BONDED to serve the PEOPLE.
Consequently, they are required to be bonded as a way to hold them FINANCIALLY accountable for their actions.
A Public Official Surety Bond is a written agreement to guarantee their compliance to uphold the law AND to perform their duties as a representative for the community they serve.
The Public Official is NOT performing their duties for the community or they are enforcing mandates that are NOT laws upon the people.
Write a letter to the Public Official demanding a certified copy of their Surety Bond – every Public Official is required to provide this information by law. In some states you might be required to pay a small fee to obtain this copy.
Write a letter to the Public Official of intent to file against the Surety Bond. State in this letter what harm he/she has caused you or the community, what needs to be done to rectify the situation, and the timeline for rectification. You should also include the amount of money they will be liable for and an explanation of how Surety Bonds work.
If the Public Official does not stop or take the action(s) you request, you can put them on notice by submitting a “Color of Law” violation.
If this fails, you can write a claim against the Public Official’s Surety Bond. Depending on the laws of your state, more than one claim can be filed against a single bond holder. To submit this claim, simply write a letter to the company that holds the Surety Bond. State in this claim letter what harm the Public Official has caused you or the community. In some states the bonding company may require that you fill out a form.
What Happens Next?
Once you file the claim the Bond Company will inform the Public Official.
The Surety Company will then REQUIRE the Public Official to take care of the claim.
If the Public Official fails to take care of the claim the Surety Company will start an investigation to determine the claim’s validity.
If the Surety Company determines your claim is invalid no further actions will be taken. The Public Official will be liable for any costs the Surety company incurred during the investigation process.
If the claim is valid the company will contact the Public Official and remind them of their obligations under the bond. The Public Official can either:
Offer a resolution to the claim which will include compensating YOU for any financial loss or damages incurred. -OR- They can submit a defense to the claim.
If the Public Official fails to respond or resolve the claim the Surety Company will make a decision based upon the information and documentation that you provided for the claim. The Surety Company will then pay YOU for the claim. >Once the Surety Company pays the claim they will go after the Public Official to reimburse the amount of the settlement and any legal costs associated with it.

Public Officials are required by law to be bonded in order to hold office. If their bond has been cancelled and they are unable to obtain a new bond they will not be able to hold any public office.
How Does this Work in Our Favor?
If a Public Official is not performing his elected duties, these Surey Bonds give you, the public a chance to unseat them. This is one of the oldest laws on the books and it has been in effect since 1792.

Color of Authority is purely a US concept when it comes to court cases. The lawyers for the RyanAir case against the government were trying to move in that direction but put their main effort into the constitutionality. A lost cause. But the judge in the case actual plainly stated the common law principal on which US Color of Authority case and statute law is based and then came to a completely erroneous and self servicing (for the government case) conclusion.

The US law is based on the principal that would an ordinary person understand a statement by those in authority that was made look like it had legal authority was actually voluntary rather than obligatory. The RyanAir judge decided that as it was obvious to him (i.e any one with legal training) that the Ministers Order was voluntary then it was nothing like a Color of Authority situation. Even though the Ministers Order was very deliberately drafted in a very convoluted way to be misleading. To make it looks like it had more legal authority than it actually did. I was actually impressed by the level of legal trickery involved.

So there is no statutory basis for Color of Authority in Ireland. Like there are in quite a few US states. And even though it should be straight forward to establish it in case law given that a judge has already stated the basis in court as its Ireland, and you would be dealing with Irish judges, I give the probability of establishing Color of Authority case law in a successful court case as basically nil.

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Wong place perhaps. Anyway:

PJ O’Rourke is dead

Clinton & Clinton

Scoop: Clinton World is helping take over the embattled Black Lives Matter org. The law firm of Marc Elias (of discredited dossier infamy) is handling BLM’s books, & longtime Bill & Hillary ally Minyon Moore is on BLM’s board.


This is beyond parody, the lawyer for BLM and its missing $60 million is…


Marc Elias, the dossier-funding, gerrymander-excusing, recount-manipulating scumbag!


"Other Democrats, though, worry that this means the era of “tough on crime” policies is back. Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan’s office is a stone’s throw away from the 32nd precinct, where memorials for two slain officers, Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora, have been set up.

But their deaths haven’t made her question her belief that the NYPD should one day be abolished. Instead, she’s doubled down on her views. Progressive policies, she feels, haven’t been given the time and money needed to give them a real shot to work.

“When I talk about the potential for a world without police, I’m not saying tomorrow and I don’t know anyone who is saying tomorrow,” she explains. "Those of us talk about defunding, we need to also be talking about funding the community, because that’s what we mean.

“We don’t just mean defund the police, we mean fund mental emotional health services, fund housing, jobs, all of the things that would stop violence in the first place.”

Business as usual so…

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