US - Protests, Riots, Looting and Insurgency?


What a clusterfuck this decade has been already


“Fix the neighbourhood…we’re trying to build it up and you tearing it down”



Yeah give him a medal. And while were at it lets build a statue too.

Have you ever been up close with one of those fuckers? The can and do kill with a single punch. Ever spend much time in the neighborhoods these guys hang out in? You cannot avoid them in most big Cities. You would nt last five fucking minutes. People like you have “Jump Me” in big neon letters just hanging over your head.

I’ve known enough PD officers over the years to have a pretty good idea what shit they have to put up with on a daily basis. From the street thugs and from City Hall. So if someone with the long violent criminal record of the perp is completely wasted on drugs and is resisting arrest then I have not the slightest problem with them shooting him. Problem solved. Scum like him are shot on a regular basic but not a hoot out of anyone because they are white. I dont have a problem with that either. With street thugs lock 'em up or shoot them. It makes no difference. Just as long as they are out of circulation and not harming people. Which in the case of black street thugs is mostly other blacks. Living in poor neighborhoods.

If you actually had to live somewhere where street thugs are common your smug attitude would not last very long. You would either wise up pretty fast. Or quickly become yet another crime statistic. Because they dont care how much they hurt you or fuck you over to rob you for a cell phone or something equally valueless. Every time I pass the Wells Fargo ATM at 16’th / Mission I think of the poor sod from Dublin, just a kid really, who was murdered by one those thugs for $40.

So yeah, give the PD guy a medal. Because if any offense was committed it was, at worst, probably second degree negligent manslaughter. Of whatever the equivalent is in Minnesota.


This does not support the narrative jmc

On the eighth day of nationwide demonstrations, Floyd’s hometown of Houston held a memorial march that drew tens of thousands of people.

Floyd’s family was in attendance, alongside the mayor, the police chief and a group of protesters on horseback, with attendees paying respects to a “gentle giant”.

Floyd was a gentle giant, repeat after me Floyd was a gentle giant


Yep, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri was also a gentle giant.


So you do actually want to hand out medals for second degree manslaughter, a crime carrying a ten year sentence in Minnesota. Ok, got it.


I heard Brid Smith & others talking on Drive time about the last BLM protest in Dublin and others planned. They all appear unapologetic and want to push ahead. It tears the arse out of the whole country not going to funerals or sporting events.

If they’re allowed go ahead then the only explanation is that we really are ruled by Lizard Aliens.

Brid Smith was like ‘I encourage distancing. But this is important so has to go ahead’. Basically ‘the things I think are important are more important than what you think is important’


Obama seizes the moment and returns to activism big time -


BREAKING - U.S military bases in #DC region including #Pentagon have moved to FPCON CHARLIE - Charlie applies when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating some form of terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities is likely.

A twitter link as a note on London:

Unprovoked attack on 2 police officers in London during the protests today.


Am I correct in understanding that for the most part the BLM protests in Ireland are actually about the nature of direct provision?
If that is the the case, then it seems opportunistic and completely inappropriate.
That’s even before considering the fact that the country is suppose to be in lockdown.


I’m half surprised the a certain element of the LGBT lot are not hopping on the bandwagon and letting a good protest of the (imaginary or otherwise) opressed to go waste like this.
Why anyone is protesting something happening in America is beyond me, do they really think anyone over there who matters gives a fig?, they respond with rubber bullets and tear gas to their own people for fecks sake.
Who is oppressing black people here?, what are they protesting for and to whom?, virtue signalling by the mobile phone “woke” generation at its worst, funded by the overly generous COVID scratcher payouts no doubt.


Catchy tune all the same…


Paul Craig Roberts joins in the debate.

Israelis Trained the Minnesota Cop How to Kill

…It is pure idiocy to let those responsible for these practices off the hook and to run around shouting “racism.” Knee-on-neck is a restraint technique taught to the police. It is not racism. The technique should not have been taught to American police, and people who are not resisting should not be restrained. George Floyd died because of wrongful police training, not because of racism.

Read full piece here:


With all the guns in the US, how is there not scores of people lying dead in the streets!


Guy was pleading for his life. Cop should have relented. Excessive and very sadly fatal.

Claiming bad ‘Training’ reminds me of the callous nurses in Portsmouth bleating after they have starved and dehydrated the helpless old folk.

Recall trigger happy Met Police in London shot the drunken Barrister in Chelsea who was holding a shotgun in his flat.


Probably because anyone that opens fire will almost certainly be killed in return fire, and the next protest march will be full of people armed to the teeth.

I don’t think anyone wants to go there!


Good question, looters don’t shoot looters I suppose, honour among thieves or something

As a consequence of the riots, gun control looks like a losing policy now, I can even see many normal Democrats wanting to give up their guns, it seems far too easy to turn urban areas into total chaos because you don’t like the President


One of the most shudder inducing thoughts I had a few days ago was the escalation potential that is very serious and deadly real, it would only take a couple of death squads unloading on crowds across multiple US cities or location in the US to take this beyond what is being seen, think multiple Las Vegas type events and all hell would be unleashed.

Evil is on the march. Do not be fooled.


IMO, it’s still a very very solid point about the increased militarization of police training. (It’s a general point, and in no way detracts from the injustice of this specific incident.)

It goes without saying that the cop should have relented.


Thats true

But what I don’t understand is, how is it all Orange Hitlers fault, the governor of Minnesota is a Democrat, the mayor of Minneapolis is too, the most violent cities in the US are all totally controlled by right thinking people, will it be Chicago or Baltimore that claims top spot for most murders this year ? why is this the fault of Orange man bad ?

An easy prediction, Trump will lose the election, and when he leaves office the murder rate will rise, the Ferguson effect will occur in every large town or city in the US