US - Protests, Riots, Looting and Insurgency?


Nah, I’ll stick with my observation, that it is only white males kneeling - in fact, we’ve had plenty of photos from various sources in recent days following the Minneapolis police arrest death of white men kneeling, including Joe Biden, or cops in Downing Street, but not ONE SINGLE photo of a white woman kneeling, thinking here it would be a fine gesture for say Nancy Pelosi to ‘take the knee’ apologising for white racism, but she didn’t because all that democrat support of BLM is really just another way of getting not at whites, but at white males (f*ck the white patriarchy etc), so get back to me when the media has some shots of white women kneeling, come to think of it it’s a great chance for NZ’s Jacinda Ardern to show some leadership … but don’t hold your breath on this


First the Art world does it…

This can’t be real, no way, is it? is the brainwashing and propaganda that strong that they have cops washing the feet of organizers>?

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Is it real?
Is it Art?
or, is it a good forgery of real modern Art?


Looks like there will be enough Kool-Aid to go around for now.


Appears to be an example of the “concrete action” Obama called for 6 days ago, citing his his “Public Safety” (PDF) Playbook..


There have been at least two very recent and horrific events covered at pace on political Irish, the first one was brutal enough but the second entirely hellish and what looks like a depraved attempted murder:

Friday, June 1st - Irish lad beaten for Slavery Crimes to blacks

Sunday 7th June - Cork Teenager Racially Assaulted

Afaik, the young lad in the second event is supposedly no longer fighting for his life.


Curiously this story posted in this thread 5 days ago has an update, below:

‘Best Friend’ of NYPD Bomber Was Obama Intel Aid With Ties to CAIR and Soros

…Rahman is seen above holding a Molotov cocktail in the van driven by her alleged co-conspirator. She’s covering her face with a keffiyeh scarf, a symbol of Palestinian solidarity.

It’s a good thing she has friends in high places. Rahman’s buddy showed up in court on Thursday and offered a bond for her $250,000 bail.

…Obama NSA intel staffer

Rizvi, who bailed out her “best friend,” is a former Obama White House intelligence analyst who reportedly worked for the NSA, the State Department, and the Pentagon. She was an Islamic outreach coordinator for the Obama Administration. Her college was paid for by Paul Soros, George’s brother, and by the Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR) through the Islamic Scholarship Fund.

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Here is a twitter anecdote whatever it’s worth:

Mrs. Opinionated @1MrsOpinionated

My husband’s police dept. is having them kneel to protesters. They would be FORCED by the dept. or risk their jobs. My husband has been an officer for 20+ years. He will stand w/, hug, talk to, & listen to protesters. BUT HE WILL NOT KNEEL! I’m behind him 100%! “NO KNEELING”

1:08 AM · Jun 6, 2020·Twitter for iPhone



A democrat mayor in a democrat state is completely humiliated, I cannot see them harness this movement into votes in the elections. He had to do a walk of shame outside his house because he would not commit to defunding the police. If some democrats are not shitting themselves right not they don’t understand what has been unleashed.



We’ve reached the latter stages of ideological subversion of Western society. All predicted by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov back in the 1980s.

Shorter version:


Jesus it’s like the daily star in here these days…

Verification irrelevant presumably


Someone mentioned something in this thread or another topic about reforming police in the US.

Reminded me of 2008 Obama’s “Civilian National Security force” idea.

"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded .



What do you mean verification?

At least one of these stories, if not both stories received some level of reporting in the Irish media.


Sorry wasn’t aware. Where and clear the circumstances, i.e. blacks attacking whites here, etc? Thanks


Not totally clear, did you mean mean to write, “were there clear circumstances…” ?



Ah forget OW, just wondering if it was clear that black guys were responsible for the attacks


It does appear to be the case in the first instance.

The second one may be more about drugs and money but more videos have surfaced to suggest this actor has the makings of being a seriously nasty individual, if the videos are accurate, as in another video a day or so before the knifing, he did not seem to have any intent to stop belting another young fella over the head with a bottle as he lay on the ground trying ot protest himself, until the perp himself was whacked on the head by another girl with a bottle that broke his attack. I would imagine alcohol and drugs use is a key component of some of this activity, thought it does not excuse it.

Previous to all this there were been a bunch of videos depicting small mobs or gangs of Corkonian youths knocking the shyte out of each other.


Maybe Cork should be renamed as Cucked



If you haven’t figured out how “projection” is and has been deployed in communications, here is a great example, in current context.

You can trace the forms of projection though the comms all the way back to before Trump got elected, across key players or key moments.

Then you might even begin to detect it in wider field of deployment, and begin to see the patterns in modern political communications, but IMHO it has never been more visible and employed since Trump since before and after Trumps election as 45th President of the United States.

Projection, should be classed as a derivative of gaslighting.


National Guardsmen slashed all the tires in a parking lot near a protest site. Even if you agree with slashing protestors cars tires, which I don’t. At least some of those cars belonged to people who were in the protest which is just wanton destruction. They must’ve been hoping to pin it on protestors, which makes it a low level black op.